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Amiel Sable
Deviant Tuner
Highway 5, USA
ARPer's: Anyone with a TV or radio indirectly

As I drove down the highway, not sure what one it was, but it was out of Seattle, I had a feeling to turn on the radio. Some people hoped that their favorite song might be playing back then. Now it was all news. Well, that’s what they wanted. I had other plans for radio waves, and they had yet to catch me, name me, find out who I was. What I did before I left town was just a small little ‘attack’ compared to what I normally did. Hours of music, pre-recorded, my voice scrambled ten times more than a WAE affected brain…I rarely used my voice though, as much as I had the urge and wish to sing over live radio for the world to hear…yeah that would have to wait, unless I wanted to die.

On the radio, with the special feed in my helmet, I could hear the report done on my little gift I tried to give to those who were stricken with the damn plague.

‘Earlier today, Seattle became victim to a terrorist attack about half an hour ago. The form of attack was an audio recording and is being dealt with as we bring you this breaking news. Investigators believe this is the work of the same Deviant audio terrorist who was the cause of the three hours of audio terrorism last week, with over two hundred victims, and the attack five days before that one with just fewer than ninety affected. Those who were a victim of this attack are not yet known, but many are being taken in for evaluations. WAE officials would like to remind our viewers that these are merely acts of terrorism and will be dealt with accordingly. If any Deviant activity is suspected, remember to report it to WAE officers. Authorities will be mounting a search for any Deviants in the Seattle area and outward areas. In the meantime, officials request that people remain in doors with windows shut and doors firmly closed until it is safe. This is United Global News, USA Network reporting live.’

Wonderful world where every other word in a news report about someone playing music by hijacking park speakers was either ‘terrorist’ or ‘terrorism’…This is why things need to change. I wasn’t sure how but however it was going to be done, it was going to be. That or die trying. I knew I couldn’t do this thing myself, but hell if I had to I would. I wasn’t the only one, there were other Deviants out there. However I was the special one. So in a sense, I was alone.

I figured I was going south, because at the rate I was driving, I would of hit the border by now. Not many people drove anywhere anymore, only if it was necessary. So the only good thing that came out of WAE was it killing rush hour traffic…or really traffic all together. Traffic probably existed on the other side of the world, where WAE was less of a tyrannical force of nature that called everything else an abomination. I felt the engine of my bike rev, and I found myself gripping the handles really tightly. Yeah this world was really starting to get to me.

Though dealing with people with guns sounded better than giant mechanized monsters with military enhancements. Though having super powers to combat that rather than not much was the other side of the track.

Veza Ryngsen
Umetic, Nexen
ARPer's: Winter, narphoenix

I continued rolling down the street until I heard a voice address what I assumed was me. I continued rolling as well, even though the other Sona started talking about the Antitivity Sonas coming along. What surprised me was that whatever it was, as I was still tucked into my massive armored ball form and couldn’t see, had tracked this all the way from Enfin. That was a ways, and Enfin was a maze, in a maze, inside a labyrinth. In thought I slowed and stopped, but I didn’t come out of my ball just yet.

“Enfin…so then you’ll know what kind of beasts we’re dealing with then?”

It wasn’t long after that when another voice came to my attention. Someone else looking for the Antitivity Sona’s as well. I knew WAE needed to be erased off the face of existence but I didn’t plan on running into so many other people who were looking to beat up a roulette of beasts with powers we gambled wouldn’t end up killing us. WAE used the variety of Deviant made Sona’s and enhanced whatever they wanted on them. Well, whatever was useful. That’s what they did to me, however because I was a special project, I didn’t quite look it. On top of that, my natural colour still didn’t get bleached off, even if it was greyish, it was greenish grey, steely…I had colour.

“Are you looking for them?” I asked the other voice with a question.

I had different ways of responding…WAE messed up my head like that and I was aware of it. I just wasn’t aware of it happening when it was. I was off like that.

“If we’re all going after it…I suggest we let the one who’s been tracking us inform us of what we’re dealing with before we go in with a battle cry of blazing glory.” I was literal about the blazing part, though I wasn’t ignited yet and these two strangers I couldn’t see didn’t know I could light myself on fire.
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