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Default Re: Saraibre Ryu vs. sammy0295 [Ref: Fox]

Round 2


[Mena & Kituna] Kangaskhan (F)
HP: 95
Energy: 74
Ability: Early Bird
Status: -
Moves: Work Up ~ Counter

Saraibre Ryu

[Kanya] Kangaskhan (F)
HP: 77
Energy: 92
Ability: Srappy
Status: +1 ATK, +1 Sp.ATK
Moves: Drain Punch ~ Water Pulse

Mena didn't have anything to do, she mimicked her opponent's first move to raise her strength. She growled and stiffened her skin. Her fist grew harder and more powerful. She could feel her body became gained more strength.
[Work Up; Mena - 4 NRG, +1 ATK, +1 Sp.ATK]

Kanya looked at Mena, annoyed by the boring move she used. Mena was just doing what she had done before. Kanya jumped and punched Mena hard, her stamina was drained by Kanya. Kanya refreshed a little bit. She relaxed her muscle a bit and felt delighted.
[Drain Punch; Kanya - 8 NRG, Mena - 9 HP, Kanya + 3 HP, + 3 NRG]

Kanya opened her mouth, some water got out from her mouth, she raised her arms, and lowered her body. She released an aquatic pulse to Mena as she swung her arms down. Kituna shouted, she asked her mother to dodge the incoming attack. But her mother didn't react to her daughter. She wanted to show Kituna how to counter an incoming attack. She prepared herself when the pulse got closer. Mena ran towards the pulse and tried to grab it. Kituna watched the action with an open jaw, she couldn't believe what her mother was doing. Her mother failed to grab the pulse, she was hit by the pulse, and Kituna was also impacted. Kanya Jr laughed, her momma was the best.
[Water Pulse; Kanya - 7 NRG, Mena - 4 HP, rolls 4/10 with 1 or 2 results in confusing target]
[Counter; failed]

Round Over


[Mena & Kituna] Kangaskhan (F)
HP: 82
Energy: 70
Ability: Early Bird
Status: +1 ATK, +1 Sp.ATK

Saraibre Ryu

[Kanya] Kangaskhan (F)
HP: 80
Energy: 80
Ability: Srappy
Status: +1 ATK, +1 Sp.ATK

Arena Note
Atop sky scrapper with some grass and trees. Cannot contact the earth/ground.

Saraibre Ryu, your next actions, please.

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