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Default Re: Challenger [Foxamivalth] vs Terminal Gym Leader [paperfairy]

Leader Paperfairy

[-] Heracross (F)
Ability: Guts
Health: 94
Energy: 84
Status: Att+3; Inf; Conf; Tox;
Sub @ 1/Brick Break/Pursuit ~ Focus Punch/Brick Break/Iron Defense/Rock Smash

Challenger Foxamivalth

[-] Archeops (M)
Ability: Defeatist
Health: 28
Energy: 81
Status: Defeatist

Heracross stumbles from side to side slightly, completely out of it from whatever it was that had just stricken her. She wasnít even entirely clear on her perception of time, as she had just convinced herself that her last attack had been in her current state. Vaguely, through the cacophony of confusion in her brain, she hears her Trainerís commands, and while theyíre somewhat complex, she gets the general gist of what sheís supposed to be doing. A small sparkle of light appears in her hand, drawn from her own life force, and she opens her fist, allowing it to float in front of her. The tiny glimmer of life expands, stretching thin into an object of the same shape as Heracross herself, although a good deal smaller. It will absorb any incoming damage for Heracross for the time being, although itís so very fragile that a stiff breeze could break it.

Archeops has a way around this, of course. Heís taken a hell of a lot of damage, mainly from that last critical, but he knows exactly how to turn it right back on Heracross. His body glows with a light green outline (it canít all be reds and blues you know), and his eyes fix on Heracross-the original, mind, not the doll. Almost instantly the damage to his body is replicated on Heracrossís body. She cries out in pain as multiple lacerations and bruises identical to the ones on Archeopsí body appear, albeit in different places due to their different looking bodies.

Grinning, Archeops proceeds to make his own double, made with a lot more energy. He pours most of what he has left into the copy, creating a life-sized replica, which even looks less beat up than him. Ordinarily he would have a problem with having a copy more resilient than him, but right now heís just glad that it can take the hits for him.

Heracross stumbles backwards, not sure of where these wounds came from and when, still fighting off the growing insanity in her head, and now dealing with the next set of unrepentantly complex orders for her next attack. Itís simply too much for her to deal with. With a cry of anguish she smashes her head against the floor, demanding the voices go away. Surprisingly, they do lessen, although thatís just from the effect of Swagger wearing off.

Leader Paperfairy

[-] Heracross (F)
Ability: Guts
Health: 10
Energy: 80
Status: Att+3; Inf; Conf; Tox; Sub @ 1 HP

Challenger Foxamivalth

[-] Archeops (M)
Ability: Defeatist
Health: 8
Energy: 64
Status: Defeatist. Sub @ 20 HP

Correction due to incorrect speed order: Archeops begins with 28 HP, Confusion count is 0. Seriously Knight, dropped the freakin ball.
Heracross is Confused (45/50). Heracross is infatuated (2/85). Heracross uses Substitute. Costs 1 HP. -1 Energy. Sub created.
Archeops uses Endeavor. Heracross -65 HP. -10 energy.
Archeops uses Substitute. Costs 20 HP. -7 energy. Sub created.
Heracross is Confused (78/75). Damages self, 12 HP. -3 energy.
Toxic hurts Heracross. -6 HP.
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