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Default Re: Signature, Avatar, and Drawing Showcase!

Originally Posted by Power-Line View Post
Rock on, Gimp users!
I just started using Paint SAI, which is a digital art program.
My second time using it, I painted this up, which I call "The Armor Plated Dragon"
You only see its head, neck, and torso, if you didn't get what was up with the angle.
It took me kind of a long time. x_x

**Click the thumbnail to enlarge the image.

I drew/painted it for my boyfriend as a gift. Hope he likes it!

I also forgot to mention how freaky the changes are. Man this place is different.
The armor looks really nice and i love the atmosphere the background creates!

Its been a couple years since i posted here i believe and probably a year since I've created anything but i figured i might as well post something.

mostly done with tablet

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