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Default Re: Diamond1304 vs Mizuki Emi [Fox Refs!]

Round 3


[Shinryu] Dratini (F)
HP: 85
Energy: 44
Ability: Shed Skin
Status: Safeguard for 1 more actions
Moves: Dragon Dance ~ (dodge) Agility

Mizuki Emi

Chansey (F)
HP: 92
Energy: 61
Ability: Natural Cure
Status: -
Moves: Safeguard ~ Blizzard/Protect

Mizuki Emi and Chansey were afraid of another Thunder Wave or other ailments that were even worse than paralysis. Chansey closed her eyes, and slowly moved her arms from bottom to top, she raised her arms and the egg shined. A transparent wall which looked like white aura was spinning, surrounding Chansey’s body. She opened her eyes back.
[Safeguard; Chansey - 8 NRG, protected for 5 more actions]

When Chansey’s eyes were opened, she saw her foe was doing a dance, the dance was strange enough for Chansey. Shinryu was making a circle, she chased her own tail, and the speed was getting faster and faster. And suddenly Shinryu stopped and she faced to Chansey, she let out a roar which scared Chansey. The roar was terrifying for a little Dragon.
[Dragon Dance; Dratini - 4 NRG, +1 ATK, +1 SPD]

Chansey recalled her moves, he remembered that the opponent was weak to ice. She decided to use Ice Beam again to Dratini, but when she was going to perform the move, she stopped. She knew an Ice move that was better than Ice Beam. She wanted to try out that move and hit Dratini even harder. She hug the egg and took a really deep breath. The egg glowed and she blew out icy wind filled with ice shards to Dratini. Dratini tried to dodge the attack, she ran really fast to avoid the blizzard, but Chansey’s Blizzard could still reached Dratini, she was hurt on her tail, but it was better than receiving the full blizzard. Chansey was not happy of that. She prepared for another move.
[Blizzard; Chansey - 22 NRG, Dratini - 5 HP (original damage is 19, some damage is dodged), accuracy rolls 5/10 with 7 or less hits, FRZ rolls 3/10 with 1 results in FRZ the target]
[Agility; Dratini - 3 NRG, +2 SPD]

Round Over


[Shinryu] Dratini (F)
HP: 80
Energy: 37
Ability: Shed Skin
Status: +1 ATK, +3 SPD

Mizuki Emi

Chansey (F)
HP: 92
Energy: 31
Ability: Natural Cure
Status: Safeguard for 4 more actions

Both Battlers’ SPD are 50.
First turn: 2/2 results in Chansey moves first.

Diamond1304, your next moves, please.

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