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Default !!Staff Birthdays!!

Happy Birthday!

As you all know, everybody has a birthday - and the Staff of the ASBL are no exception. Even though our birthdays are ignored by everyone except possibly friends and family, depending unfortunately not national holidays, we will still spread the joyful presents and gifts among you, oh players of the ASBL. Whenever a Staff-Member's birthday gets near, we will notify the ASB seven days in advance with an announcement.

During the 24-hour span (defined by this clock) in which the birthday occurs, every member of the ASB will have a chance to message Lord Fedora, sending him a Happy Birthday message! Once you do that, somebody will post in this thread, giving you your free birthday Pokémon! How are these Pokémon chosen, you ask? Simple! Each Staff-Member selects six favorite Pokémon in advance. When you post, you will be given one of the six Pokémon, determined randomly, in basic form. And after that, you just claim your Pokémon in the Registration HQ and share in the birthday cake!

List of Staff birthdays:


Lord Fedora
Birthday: Feb 7

Birthday: March 17

Birthday: April 12

3m0d0ll + Elbub
Birthday: June 19

Birthday: Oct 17
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