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Originally Posted by Foxamivalth View Post

Swalot ()
Ability: Liquid Ooze
Obtained: Trade with murgle-flag
Sig Move: Nasty Digestion
"Swalot has small mouth you say? Now, try to open your mouth and swallow that fat pig, Swalot!"

And Swalot actually has a really big mouth to swallow a huge thing without biting it first. If the swallowed thing is too big or isn't tasty, Swalot will spit it out. Just imagine if you're put inside his big mouth and poisonous belly, and is then spit out. Yuck!
Type: Poison | BP: 40 | Accuracy: 100
Classification: Physical
Energy Modifier: 10
Effects: Swalot puts the enemy into his mouth, covered by the saliva and the digestion acid. Swalot then spits his enemy out. The enemy is covered by sticky nasty liquid. The liquid can be washed by using damaging Water-type moves except Bubble, Bubblebeam and Muddy Water. As long as the liquid is sticked on the body, the sticky Pokemon lose Accuracy and Speed 1 stage (Acc - 1, Spd - 1) and all Poison-type moves that target the sticky Pokemon gets Critical raises by level 1 stage (Crit + 1). Fails if the target is higher than 1.7 m. List if Pokemon that can be swallowed.
Usage Gap: Once per 2 Rounds

Changing Liquid Ooze to Sticky Hold.
$215 - $10 = $ 205

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