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Default Re: New Horizons: Dark Arceus [all-inclusive mon/morph/trainer/wild/etc]

Janet got up, panting from the effort she exerted into her last electrical discharge. She took a look around at the wrecked generator room, now punctured with several digging holes.
"This is so messy..." she said quietly to herself. Janet gently kicked the charred body to the side, exposing the face of the Pokemon trainer she had just shocked to death, "So, so messy..."
Janet was reluctantly running through a list of ideas on how to dispose of the corpse before it started to rot, when her ears twitched at the sound of an intrusion. Coming from down the hall, not too far away, were the faint hints of human conversation.

It meant there was more than one person.

Janet tensed up again, and looked around her area in search of a hiding place. Her eyes darted through all the details of the generator room, and then down to the body at her feet.

"Stupid body," she muttered, before heaving it up on her shoulder. She then made her way for a dark corner that would hide her well, hoping they'd pass by her without noticing. The last thing she wanted was more bodies stinking up the lab.

"Aw screw you," she heard a faint voice say. The crackling sound of artificial electricity resounded through the halls, followed by the exclamations of a group of electrodes. Janet hid in her corner, puzzled at the unfolding of events. Whatever was approaching seemed to be much more belligerent than the human she just encountered.

"Do you think Pine'll have some us for them?" Janet's Plusle ears stiffed up in alert. Pine? Was that a name? She remembered that name being mentioned while she was in her lab, but she shook her head denying there could be any connection.

Their conversation carried on as they drew closer, interrupted here and there by the shouts of other Pokemon's agony. Janet was sure now that they definitely weren't here just to explore, and had both the reason and the method to hunt something down. But what were they looking for?

The orange edge of a Nosepass poked its way into the entrance of the room, dragging the rest of its heavy rock body over the floor. Janet's heart sank as got a good look at the two humans trailing behind. Sector Lab members, fully geared to resist electricity and armed with capture tools. They were after her.

Janet's face formed a sneer as she laid her eyes on their weapons- the very same ones they used to suppress and torture her and the rest of the Pokemorphs back at the lab. There was seldom a day that went by without her being jabbed by that rod, and the memories of that experience would never truly leave her.

She ducked down as the Nosepass pointed decisively in her direction, while the two humans approached in a careful, prepared stance. Like a cornered rat, the Plusle pokemorph's mind raced, looking for an exit out of her dire situation. But then Janet remembered the body that she was still holding onto...

The steady glow of an electrical charge illuminated the dark corner from behind one of the machines. The recon team members stopped and readied their capture tools, waiting for their target to appear. An animalistic shriek came from behind the machine. Suddenly, a blurry figure leaped out at the two, wrapped in the sparks of an electrical charge. Frightened by the sudden ambush, the recon members frantically mashed the triggers on their weapons. Multiple charges hit the figure before it hurtled into them. The dead, electrified body of a ten-year-old Pokemon Trainer fell on top of the man, knocking him down. In the brief moment that the woman was stunned by the horrifying spectacle, another figure dashed out from behind the machine. Janet rushed past the humans and ran into the hallway, captured by sight only as a blur. She never looked back and ran for her life towards the entrance of New Mauville.

The bright light of the afternoon sun stung her eyes as she exited the cave into Route 109. Immediately, she realized the danger of being out in broad daylight. The biking route was busy at this time, and Pokemon Trainers on the other side of the river could easily pick out her brightly colored Plusle fur. Janet ducked behind a cluster of trees, and started running North. She didn't know where she was headed, but knowing that that she was pursued, there was no chance of going back.
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