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Default Re: Nexen [RP]

Allen Whiteflower, Shiba Set, and Argeno Balk
Deviant Tungz, Tattu, and Graphix
Now entering San Francisco, California(USA)
ARPers: None, atm

The truck rolled across the pavement smoothly as it crossed onto the big red bridge. Home, home again. Allen's mind sang even as words flew from her lips with ironic timing. "...won't you save me, San Francisco?" This brought a laugh from Shiba, who joined in the singing for a chorus, off key and a little too loud for the confines of the truck. Argeno shook his head with a slight smile, eyes still on the road.

"Hey girls, I know the clinker here is an enclosed space, and singing your lovely little throats out is fine when we're on the road, but we're back in city city limits, now. You two are going to have to tone it down a bit." He reminded them, which caused the girls to go suddenly silent. It felt like they had just learned of a death of someone they loved in the car. It was suddenly that quiet. "Sorry, sorry..." Argeno muttered quickly. "I'll shut up and drive."

"Nah, you're fine, hon." Shiba assured quickly. "That's just the longest amount of time we've had to be free for awhile."

"On the road it's almost like everything is normal again." Al admitted quietly, almost-blue gray eyes focused straight ahead even as she pulled up the neck of her hoodie to cover the big blue rose tattoo on her cheek.

Splat. The fat drop of water hit the windshield from almost nowhere, surprising all three. "Rain?" Shiba asked, glancing up to the sky and just noticing the angry-looking dark clouds for the first time.

"Typically that's what they call water falling from the sky, Shiba." Al said flatly, getting a laugh out of Argeno as more quickly followed, falling in sheets that made it harder to see, which was better for them, really. The truck was oddly silent as Argeno navigated the streets that lead up to their hideout, a lovely little two-story house that was probably four times as tall as it was wide and squished in between more houses just like it that would have been worth a lot more than they had bought it for if people could still enjoy the beautiful view it offered from it's back and upper rooms. His smile from under his hood as he got out of the truck was hidden. Red, rusted, and as beat as it appeared, Argeno loved the truck, which Al had talked the junkyard manager into practically giving them. That and he got a kick out of the fact it was red, if you had color vision, it stood out. Without color vision? Not so much.

The inside of the house was almost welcoming, even if it hosted very little furniture, there were enough beds thrown on the floor to comfortably accomodate everyone and more if needed, there were blankets, working heating and air, and a working, non-public toilet, that made it all worthwhile. The cable television and perfectly operational kitchen were just very lucky bonuses, even if the TV only had the news on anymore, but that was what they needed to stay safe and try to find others like them, that was where their last trip had taken them, trying to find other Deviants up a ways in Napa, but they had had no luck.

"It shouldn't have to be this hard..." Shiba murmured, Argeno turned to see her staring at the TV, which was still off. "We are everything... WAE... They're taking something that should be a good motto and using it to shut everything down... We are everything, the creators, the ones who should bringing color and life into our world, and instead, they're shutting it all down. It's sick." She growled before flopping herself down onto a mattress and cutting the television on, frowning. Al joined her quickly, unzipping the extended neck of her hoodie and flipping the hood down so that her wild hair spilled down around her. Argeno sighed and joined them without a word to see what was going on now.

If only there was a way for things to change...

Shiri Namida, Kari Penn, and Silverstreak Watermark
Umecit, Nexen
ARPers: Sabi(Veza) and narphoenix(Dos)

"Me ga mawari jiku mo bureteru kedo/ Nii-ju-san ten yon do katamuite nagameta machinami wa/ Itsu no manika mita koto no nai iro ni somatteita/ Hankei roku-sen-san-byaku KILO wa kono to ne todoku kyori/ Ima nara dekiru ki ga shimasu no de hanareteite kudasai/ Hankei hachi-juu-go SENCHI ga kono te no todoku kyori / Itsu no hi ka mawari tsukareta toki ha soba ni ite kudasai..." Blue eyes the color of the ocean observed the street as she sang, walking on the edge of the sidewalk, arms out like she thought she was walking on a tightrope. Just out of the way of getting hit, actually on the sidewalk another girl walked beside her, with ponytails the color of chocolate and flashes of silver standing out against her skin. The second girl shook her head and sighed as the pink-haired one started the song again.

"Don't you ever get tired of that song, Shiri? I mean it's about a girl who likes to spin around, isn't it?" Kari Penn asked her companion.

/It's better than rap./ Silverstreak commented, causing Shiri to stop singing to giggle.

"No, I like it. Besides, Kari, it's about more than that--as the girl spins more and more, her reach gets longer and longer until she can reach around the whole world, and by the time she's done, she's got an entirely new perspective on things! It could really be applied a lot of things, like music--Al and I, one day we both want our voices to reach around the whole of both our worlds without the WAE to stop us, we want to make people and Sonas feel good, inspire them! Keep everyone from ever losing their inspiration ever again!" Shiri chirped, hopping off the sidewalk's edge with a litte twirl, tossing her arms into the air like a ballet dancer might so do pirouette and landing lightly on the balls of her feet.

"At least one of us has a big dream." Kari sighed, glancing up to see an enormous ball rolling down the street and a floating blue sphere near it--then she felt it.

/Antivity.../ The word was agrowl in both Sonas minds. Kari's siliver dragon tattoo twitched.

"Hold on a second, let's find out what they're doing..." Kari warned the ink dragon softly.

"So much for going home." Shiri muttered, stepping to the side so that Kari could join her in the street and try to catch up to the two spheric Sonas going down the road. She didn't like fighting, but Antivity hanging around Umecite was bad news and should be dealt with one way or another, and it would be easier if everyone here was on the same side. So much for the idea that life would be more peaceful if you lived in the slums where so few others lived.

"Hey, are you two headed to find the Antivity as well?" Kari called as she and Shiri jogged up to the pair.

OOC: Songs used include-
Save Me, San Francisco by Train(The song Al and Shiba are singing in the car)
and Double Lariat by Luka Megurine(The song Shiri is singing, particularly the last part of the section is quoted)*Note that this song is in Japanese; translation to English is in the video

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