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Default Re: Signature and Tutored Moves

Originally Posted by Saraibre Ryu View Post
Here's another set. I'm waiting for my Archeops before I post his~

Sonja the Swoobat [F]
Ability: Simple
Signature Move: Sonic Amp
Sonja is a Swoobat and Swoobat’s like making pleasant sounds. Sonja, being incredibly friendly as she is, wants to help others by making their wonderful sounds even more wonderful. This helps with being a Psychic type. Sonja gets with her partner, making sure she is a priority before anyone else can interrupt her, and uses her powers and knowledge of sound to amplify the effect of sound based moves. She has even been able to bypass those without ears because of her amplification; however that takes a bit more energy.
Type: Psychic
Base Power: N/A
Accuracy: 100
Classification: Status
Energy Modifier: 4 [8 for those with Soundproof]
Increases the effects of sound based moves:
Screech, Metal Sound, Growl lower their targeted stat by an additional 1 stage.
Accuracy of Sing, Supersonic, and Grasswhistle is changed to 85%
BP of Round, Bug Buzz, Hyper Voice, Echoed Voice, Uproar, Snarl is increased by 50%.
Bypasses Soundproof. If so, none of the above effects are applied.
This can only be used on a partner and not on self.
Usage Gap: Once per round

How long does this buff last? Does it last even with a switch? Do all Sound moves used by a partner bypass Soundproof? Does this buff work on a SOundproof partner?

Heatlash the Charizard [M] *my second one without a Sig Move just so you know*
Ability: Blaze
Signature Move: Pyro Scar
Heatlash didn’t get his name from being a tame quiet Charizard. No, this winged dragon was an extremely temperamental and vicious. In every battle, he was not happy unless his opponent received one of his burns. Win or lose didn’t matter, what mattered was that if he left a burn. Concentrating an extremely hot flame, he shoots it at his opponent, leaving them with a painful sear. This flame is so hot however that Heatlash takes some of the heat as well.
Type: Fire
Base Power: 40
Accuracy: 90
Classification: Special
Energy Modifier: 5
Guaranteed to cause a burn, no matter type, bypasses Water Veil [Double Energy Mod in the case of water veil and Fire types]
Causes 5% damage to Heatlash
Usage Gap: Four action recharge

Approved. [1/2]

Cowaru the Rufflet [M]
Ability: Sheer Force
Signature Move: Morale Ruffle
Rufflet never back down from a fight, no matter how big or menacing their opponent is. Cowaru gets an extra rush of excitement when he faces an opponent that he knows is of a higher stage in evolution from him. Refusing to back down, he psyches himself up for the battle and feels empowered. However, Cowaru loses his moxie if he faces an opponent of a weaker stage than him, therefore weakening his power. He may be a little ball of feathers, but by Rufflet he’s gonna make sure he’s remembered as the rough tuft battlin’ machine.
Type: Flying
Base Power: N/A
Accuracy: 100
Classification: Status
Energy Modifier: 9
Lasts for the entire battle.
This Signature move will be removed if Cowaru evolves into a Braviary.
The following happens based on the opponent after use:
Cowaru vs Basic Pokémon: Nothing
Cowaru vs Baby Pokémon: Lower Attack by two stages and defends by one stage
Cowaru vs Stage 1 Pokémon: Raise attack by two stages, defense by two
Cowaru vv Stage 2 Pokémon: Raise attack by three stages, defense by two
Usage Gap: Once per battle

Please change to relate to original EXP levels. Makes everybody's job easier.

Willa the Houndoom [F]
Ability: Flash Fire
Signature Move: Howl Grim
It’s believed that the call of a Houndoom was the forbidding omen of the Grim Reaper coming. Willa loves ghost stories and scaring the living hell out of her opponents was something she wanted to take advantage of. By howling a most eerie and bone chilling of howls, combining it with her dark nature, Willa invokes a sense of nervous paranoia onto her foes. Though this doesn’t affect those who are already close to the dead side, those who are within ear shot feel the bone chilling fear pass through them, friend and foe alike. Those who are affected become extremely paranoid and nervous, possibly too much so that they are unable to use commands.
Type: Dark
Base Power: N/A
Accuracy:85% [Reduced to 50% against Dark types]
Classification: Status
Energy Modifier: 6
Sound based move that causes all that hear it to have a 20% chance of flinching instead of carrying out their command for the next three rounds.
Sound based moves that are used against affected Pokémon increase the chance to 30% for the next action only.
Ghost Pokémon are immune to this attack. Dark types are less likely to be affected by this attack.
Soundproof blocks this attack.
Usage Gap: Once every two rounds if attempt was unsuccessful. Once every five rounds of attempt was successful.

Is ACC reduced if there in any Dark type on the opponent's side of the field?

Asura the Ninetales [F]
Ability: Flash Fire
Signature Move: Tails of Fate
Ninetales have many ominous legends about them. What doesn’t help is their ability to learn some peculiar ghost type moves. What may be the most famous is that they were the reincarnation of nine saints who came together and were reborn as this Pokémon, and that they curse anyone who messes with those tails or mistreats them. As such, Asur knows just how to have karma work for her with cursing. Leaving herself open for an attack, Asura taps into that cursive power and puts it into those many tails of hers. After charging, she uses those tails to cause a random effect on her opponent. Having ‘cursed’ her foe she knows that her power is gone for the moment, until the effects of said curse wear off.
Type: Ghost
Base Power: N/A
Accuracy: 90
Classification: Status
Energy Modifier: 8
Uses one action to charge power, and activates on the second action.
Only works if the opponent makes physical contact with Asura’s tails while this is being used.
Ref rolls from 1-9. The following effect happens for two rounds based on the roll:

1: Pokémon receives Curse status
2: Pokémon receives Burn status
3: Pokémon receives Sleep status
4: Pokémon receives Paralysis status
5: Pokémon receives Confusion status
6: Pokémon receives Attract status [Gender does not matter]
7: Pokémon receives Encore status
8: Pokémon receives Taunt status
9: Pokémon receives Torment status

Usage Gap: Every 3 rounds after use.

Clarify Curse status. How long will Encore, Taunt, and Torment last? Wouldn't it be easier if Ninetails used one of these nine moves (Curse, Spore, Glare, etc) at random, with their ACC all at 90? lol cursive.

Ambra the Vespiquen [F]
Ability: Pressure
Signature Move: Hive Call
Vespiquen are of course queens of their hive, and Ambra was never one to leave hers without some form of bodyguard. In one of her combs where she keeps her Combee for using Defend Order, Heal Order, or Attack Order, she has another swarm used for something else. She calls onto these small Combee, purely for the defense of herself or others. These Combee either take a hit for their queen, or the queen’s right hand from any damage effects. If the queen herself is under status effects, the small swarm may act out on their own in order to avenge their beloved leader.
Type: Bug
Base Power: N/A
Accuracy: 100
Classification: Status
Energy Modifier: 10
Lasts the entire battle
If this move is used while not under a status effect, there is a 30% chance of the Hive Call swarm preventing the additional effects of attacks, or blocking the effects of moves such as Confuse Ray or Thunder Wave targeted at either Ambra or her adjacent partner Pokémon.

While Ambra is under a status effect, and after using this move of her own will once before coming under a status effect, she can’t use this move on her own. Instead, every round Ambra is under a status effect, there is a 10% chance of one of the following happening:
The Hive Call swarm attacks the Pokémon that inflicted the status effect on Ambra. [BP 20 Type Bug]
The Hive Call swarm swarms the Pokémon who inflicted the status, making a 50% chance of the Pokémon not competing an action that round.
Usage Gap: Once per battle

BP is 20 Bug... is Vesipquen the attacking Pokémon for stats? Or a Combee? 50% is pretty high for EVERY round a status is in play.
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