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Default Re: Challenger [Serebiish] vs Nasty x Tasty Gym Leader [Foxamivalth]

Garbodor ()
Ability: Stench
Sig Move: Rot
Garbodor realizes people hate her so much. Noone wants to get close to her. Even Pokemon are avoiding her. Because she is a stinky rubbish bag. She stays in Garbage Disposal. Her friends are maggot, flies, and rats.

She wants to people to befriend her. She always wanted that. She has a ridiculous idea, and bring all decomposers and disease bringer to the city, spreading them and releases flies and decomposers to people's body. At least, everyone is now rotting like her. :P
Type: Poison | BP: - | Accuracy: -
Classification: Status
Energy Modifier: 12
Effects: The user's body starts to rot, flies and decomposers are eating the body. Pokemon that is rotting loses 1 Def & Sp.Def. It also loses 3 HP and Energy at the start of a round during rot. This effect will be transfered to any Pokemon that the rotting Pokemon touches via Physical contact (do not affect Substitute).
Usage Gap: Can be used anytime when Rot is not in effect.

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