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Default Re: Individual RP: ChainReaction01 (Woods)

Ivy didn't seem surprised by my response, and she took a step forwards, trying to lead me down the path. However, the Kricketune crossed its blades and blocked our path, just like the other one had. Ivy sighed and I clucked my tongue unhappily. A PokeDoll was produced from my pack and I threw it into the bushes. The Kricketune dove off after it in pursuit, and I smiled. I did not have the money for dolls on my last run, but word of my breeding had begun to spread, and I had a fair allowance now.

We continued down the path and the trees began to grow in size. The leaves started higher up, and they all exuded a feeling a true majesty. These trees had been here long before I was born, and they would most likely be here long after I was gone, too. That simple knowledge was intimidating and yet strangely reassuring. I could have sworn that everything will be alright as long as those trees kept standing.

“Hey, it's a Wigglytuff,” Ivy said suddenly. I stopped gazing upwards and looked around quickly, and sure enough a round pink Pokemon was watching us cautiously from partially behind a tree. The Normal-types blue eyes watched me carefully, as if it was unsure what I would do. I knew exactly, though - seeing as it was fully evolved, I had no wish to capture it. Luckily, they were rare enough that even pictures of them were worth money. I slowly pulled out my digital camera and aimed it at the Wigglytuff, smiling gently at it to keep it calm.
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