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Default Re: New Horizons: Dark Arceus [all-inclusive mon/morph/trainer/wild/etc]

[Erik and Aria are traveling towards Veilstone City by boat and shall arrive at afternoon the next day]


"[Mes'moiselles, m'sieur, please, forgive me, I do not mean to cause anyone any harm. I'm sorry if I have caused you alarm. Please, I- I wish to help, please.]" The voice of the ageless man had spoken in a low whisper, drawing her attention away as he held out a palm, reaching for her as though offering aid to her. Adrenaline racing through her body, she found herself reaching toward him, despite her mind screaming to move the other way.

However, when she blinked, she saw an image of her arm covered in blood and pouring out, maniacal laughter running rampant as she tried to grab the nearest thing around. Suddenly, as soon as she gripped something, she clutched to it for dear life and cowered from the insane laughter, which slowly began to diminish. Soon, her vision was clearing and she had a minor headache, but she saw what she had gripped in her desperate attempt to ground herself in the recovering reality- the Flareon kid's forearm, still burning with the silver flames. Thank Arceus for Flash Fire, she thought as her muscles began to feel rejuvenated in a flooding feeling of strength. Finally, opening her mouth again, she breathed in deep and let loose a strong jet of flames at her target, flying with enough strength to reach him and carry on for a few more meters. However, her newfound strength had been drained all-too-quickly for her and she found herself blacking out before long.

"[G-go away... please...]" She weakly managed to utter before unconsciousness fully gripped her.
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