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Default Re: SuperUltraZekrom x Serebiish(Foxamivalth)

Final Round


[Guardian] Golett (M)
HP: 100
Energy: 100
Ability: Iron Fist
Status: -
Moves: Hammer Arm ~ Hammer Arm


[Blast] Squirtle (M)
HP: 100
Energy: 100
Ability: Torrent
Status: -
Moves: Aqua Tail ~ Aqua Tail

Squirtle thinks that his foe wants to attack from far away again, he whips his tail and create another wave to hit Golett. Squirtle stands and guards himself from any other special attack.
[Aqua Tail; Squirtle - 13 NRG, Golett - 17 HP. Accuracy rolls 25/100 with 90 or less hits]

Golett doesn't think he want to hit the opponent from far range. He is not really good at it. Golett slowly swims to Squirtle and focuses his power to his arm again. He hopes this time won't miss. He punches Squirtle on the face. It hit!
[Hammer Arm; Golett - 26 NRG, Squirtle - 18 HP due to Iron Fist, Golett - 1 SPD. Accuracy rolls 33/100 with 90 or less hits.]

Squirtle miscalculates everything, he thinks Golett will use non-physical attack, but that doesn't bother him much. Squirtle repeats his last move again, he whips his tail and makes the water smashes Golett. The water hit Golett hard on his arms from that distance. Golett is knocked back, he feels his arms hurt.
[Aqua Tail; Squirtle - 13 NRG, Golett - 17 HP. Accuracy rolls 61/100 with 90 or less hits]

Golett swims to Squirtle again, his muscles are still strong, but it's aching for being abused by Golett. Golett tries to swing his arm to hit Squirtle. His arm won't move, the muscles hurts, and he feels pain. The pain becomes stronger and Golett can't stand it. His whole body suddenly gets hard and stiff. Golett drowns and falls to the ground below. He faints.
[Hammer Arm; Golett - 26 NRG, Golett runs out of NRG, Faints.]

Round Over


[Guardian] Golett (M)
HP: 38
Energy: 0
Ability: Iron Fist
Status: Faints, - 2 SPD


Squirtle (M)
HP: 75
Energy: 48
Ability: Torrent
Status: -

Arena Note
Rolls 99/100. Nothing happens.
SUZ wins.
Serebiish loses.

SUZ gets $15 for winning and KO'ing a Pokemon.
Serebiish gets $5 for losing.
Foxamivalth gets $10 for reffing 2 rounds.

*)Achievement: battle ends in 2 rounds.

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