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Default Re: Kingdom Hearts: Unwritten [RP]

Ailith Lior, Kokoro Maimi, and Kumori
Light, Apprentices
Everlastia, Guild Courtyard

The boy fidgeted--why was he uncomfortable? Sure, the Tree was a big deal, but he seemed to have been talking to the other apprentice just fine a moment ago... Wait, didn't they look familiar? Kokoro smiled as she remembered Xin pointing the two out separately as they had passed them once. "That's Rush he has been here for many years..." "There's Iolanthe, she's been with the Guild since she was young..." Xin had never spoken bad of either, simply pointed the pair out as though they were important names to remember, faces to recognize.

Rush answered slowly only moments before it seemed a better answer arrived in the form of an Elder--Theron, if Kokoro remembered correctly--surrounded by noble-looking Masters. The noise quickly hushed for the Elder to speak, only for him to tell the crowd that they had no answers and the area around the Tree of Blessings was now off-limits and that there would be no World books to be checked out from this point on. Also, they were to let their Masters know about a meeting that was going to be held after lunch. Wonderful, Xin would not be happy. Their Master hated meetings, she claimed that they were much too boring, yet she could already hear Xaia telling her twin toe get over herself--a meeting was a meeting. "Hmm, I don't like this." Ailith murmured around her piece of pocky as the others around the tree dispersed. Kokoro nodded in agreement.

"Me neither." Kumori added in softly, still clinging to Kokoro's arm and keeping as close to his friend as he could as the people moved around them.

"What does this mean?" the trio turned their attention to Rush's soft question, Iolanthe answered first with the cliche 'I don't think anyone knows.' line, and Ailith sighed.

"I have to agree with you." The winged girl remarked, shaking her head.

"Nothing good for sure." Kokoro sighed, looking to Kumori, who had seemed to tense up.

"Bad things, very bad things are going to happen. That's all it can mean... I don't want the dark to come again, Koko..." Kokoro reached the hand of the arm that wasn't being squeezed halfway to death to pat his squeezing hands.

"I know, Kumori. I know. I won't let the dark hurt you again, even if it does come back. Now calm down, nothing's happening right now, I'm sure the Masters and the Elders will take care of everything before then, though. It's probably nothing to worry about." She tried to assure, and Ailith jumped in.

"Yeah, why are we all worrying ourselves about this when it's probably nothing that the Masters and Elders can't fix? Anyway, she's right, we should probably go." Ailith gestured to Iolanthe with one hand and rested the other on Kumori's shoulder. She was aware of the boy's oddities as much as Kokoro, Xin, and Xaia were. It was like her bad reactions to sudden falling, a part of him, but that didn't mean when he got like this she didn't start worrying. Kumori jumped at her touch and his eyes flickered to her face a moment before appearing to settle down.

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