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Originally Posted by Velo View Post

Anyways, here's the explanation:

Game of Chance: Pick a number, 1-12, and PM me the #. I will PM you back with what prize you got with the number. Prizes will vary.

Virtual Battle: You can choose to be a ref, or one of the trainers in the battle. You'll post the turns as it goes by. I'll PM you the battle simulation, and you post what you're gonna do. If you choose to be a ref, you do what refs do. If you choose to be a trainer, I'll give you what Pokemon you must use, and the opponents first Pokemon sent out. Judging on how well you do, I'll give you a prize.

[S]Poffin Maker[/S]
[S]Pokeblock Mix[/S]

Trainer Card Maker: Go find a Trainer Card making website. I'll tell you the requirements via post or PM. Post the final result, and I'll give you your prize.

Pokeball Creator: Grab an image of any Poke Ball sprite, and make your own. You must customize the sprite to whatever you want, as long as it's non-offensive, and come up with an effect for it. Post the final sprite and description and I'll give you your prize.

PokeFusion: Get 2 Pokemon sprites, and fuse them! You'll get a prize when you post the final result and a little description of it.

There's a description >:

Game of Chance: lol... That's not gonna fly.
RNG games need to be creative if they wish to be approved
Virtual Battle: I still don't understand this. And how are you judging how well they did when everyone would have a different opinion.

Trainer Card Maker: The point? Way to easy, you can do it on the web in 10 seconds. Essentially a pokemon for $20, which is more expensive then just buying it.

Pokeball Creator: The point? More expensive and more work then just buying a pokemon.

PokeFusion: The point? More expensive and more work then just buying a pokemon.

I would say, you need a new idea. We also already have a gaming center...


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