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Originally Posted by Foxamivalth View Post
I want to add Pokemon with EXP level of 8 as prize that can be chosen if the challenger win from me, in Shiny Center.
I also want to lower the price to $20.
And, promotion to 5 first different customers to only pay $15.

All fine by me.

Originally Posted by Velo View Post
The Game Corner!

Wanna play some games? Well, look no further! This is the Game Corner! Here, you can use your money to play games and earn prizes! Such prizes include:

1 free Pokemon that is at it's first stage or cannot evolve

Discounts! (If that's allowed)

And any other prizes submitted by you or officials!

If you would like to suggest a prize, PM me

Game of Chance: $10
Virtual Battle: $15
Poffin Maker: $15
Pokeblock Mix: $15
Trainer Card Maker: $20
Pokeball Creator: $20
PokeFusion: $20

More to come! More to play! More to earn! If you'd like to suggest a game, yet again, PM me
And these games work how?
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