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Default Re: Face vs sammy0295

Final Round


[Cherial] Torkoal (F)
HP: 66
Energy: 76
Ability: White Smoke
Moves: Explosion ~ Explosion


Solosis (F)
HP: 12
Energy: 74
Ability: Magic Guard
Moves: Psychic ~ Psychic

[Rolls 2/2, Solosis goes first]
Solosis's HP was very low after Cherial erupted twice. She knew the battle would end soon but she let it be without guarding herself. She kept using her psychic power to hit the opponent. Solosis's green body glowed and Torkoal's body became green. Solosis raised her small arms high and Torkoal was lifted high in the air. Solosis released the psychic energy and Torkoal fell down from the air.
[Psychic; Solosis - 13 NRG, Torkoal - 17 NRG]

Cherial was told by sammy to explode. She looked at her Trainer, she didn't believe her Trainer's command. She was sure to win the battle, but she was asked to blow herself up. Sammy repeated his command, Explosion! Torkoal turned around. She had to do whatever her Trainer told her to. She burnt her body and intensified the flame inside her body. She dashed to Solosis with the unbearable heat. She stopped in front of the confused Solosis, and exploded herself. A huge destruction was caused. The magma spread everywhere. Both Solosis and Torkoal fainted immediately.
[Explosion; Torkoal - 34 NRG, Solosis - 43 HP. Torkoal fainted]

Round Over


[Cherial] Torkoal (F)
HP: 0
Energy: 42
Ability: White Smoke


Solosis (F)
HP: 0
Energy: 61
Ability: Magic Guard

Arena Notes:
Sunny Day is in effect. Only ash left..

DRAW! Both Battlers Faint.

Face gets $7.
sammy0295 gets $7 + $3 for using Shiny Pokemon.
paperfairy gets $5 for reffing a round.
Foxamivalth gets $5 for reffing a round.

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