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Default Re: Eon Sky: You Have No Idea.

Of course, I wasnít that. That was a part of my face personality, but it wasnít me to the fullest. With the majority of my mental problems wiped out and replaced by abhorring the Arbiters and training like my life depended on it, I still had a few issues to deal with. Firstly, I still wanted to get home. At this point, that was more like a bonus than the actual reason why I fought, the ultimate reason now being held by Avonuís destruction by Eon Sky. But it still was a reason, and it nagged me. Because I donít want my family to be shunned and discredited for being the folks that raised me, I decided that their names, their locations, or anything about them would be mentioned in this publication. Another thing, and itís far more gripping: was I insane? It had a stronger presence in my mind, and although I shoved these thoughts aside, insanity was something that I couldnít exactly shake off. This world was, in all senses of the word, impossible. I was assured of it. The theory was that I had gone insane the instant I started hearing that voice on that d**m Halloween night (Iíd never go Trick-or-Treating again, ever), and that I was hallucinating it the whole time. I couldnít discredit it, but I couldnít confirm it either. To add to it all, the members of the Onlisk Republicís armed forces were not Arbiters, and I didnít like killing them. Corrupt Govít, Arbiters, and whoever else was just that downright dirty, and that was it. Those people werenít simply shells with the faces of others, these people werenít those that would think only of themselves and nobody else, these people were people. Sentient, humane people. The Dog Tags I collected from the dead Onlisk werenít pretty, and that was just them. I knew Iíd be killing more. Gear didnít want me alive, and heíd send his best out for my blood.

And you know what? I did NOT care.

I would never care for how many people dubbed me a terrorist swine, I'd save everyone's a**es, whether they liked it or not. Gear wouldnít stop me, Insanity wouldnít discourage me, no man who dared to stand in my way would provide a permanent obstacle. And, considering the media pandemonium going on about me within ten months after the files on me were declassified, you obviously didn't like it. Sure, I killed some of the most despicable factions in all of history, but I did it in a manner that made even the most infamous have a tint of goodness in their souls. And now, it was at last time to prove that I would no longer be a side-story player, a thorn in the sides of the Arbiters and the Onlisk, but not really doing much. Iíd infiltrate their most-well guarded strongholds, and cripple them so severely that it would hinder even their greatest performances the entire war.

I'd prove to them that they had no idea.

Iíd prove to everyone that they had no idea.


"Guys, we've got a problem. We're running out of fuel."

Everyone whipped their heads to Mario at the presentation of this lunchtime announcement: The reservoirs of fuel we had looked plentiful, but to run out of fuel is to risk capture by the Onlisk at their refueling stations...And every refueling station was under direct Onlisk control: The Arbiters had destroyed every planet they came into contact with, after scouring it for survivors, resources, and relics of the Arbitarian religion. Add that to a massive check of multiple planets for the HQ being planet-based, and the result was knowing that their headquarters was mobile. They needed fuel. Of course, Arbitarian raids and Avonuís position made going to a refueling station pointless.

"I've got some Good news and some bad news, though. Good news: The place we're going to is a dingy place, the Onlisk doesnít check it too often unless there's something big going down. Bad news is that, even there, there are posters. The exact text of these posters say that "Any suspicious activity, related to the Arbiters or otherwise, is to be told to Onlisk officials for verification and a potential cash reward." The original posters said "Any suspicious activity thought to be related to the Arbiter is to be told to Onlisk officials for verification and a potential cash reward." That means they're getting civilian help, just not directly. The civilians and those lower on the Onlisk food chain will never really know what to look for other than suspicious activity, and that could be anything. Just act like we're going to get some fuel, and we'll be fine...and thatís all weíre doing, I forsee no reason to stay there and kill somebody or steal anything. Don't say a word of our activities, and if anyone asks about the Calypso, just say it's a fix-up of an older model minicarrier. The Calypso does kind of look like an older Balan model, from the Shining Sailors, so go with a Balan model, just don't go into too much detail about it."

"Hey, what happens if they expect us, or there's an official that knows about us?" I said.

"We get the hell out of there." Mario said.

"And what if they hijack the Calypso, or we can't get off the station?" I said.

"God help us all." Mario whispered, looking upward. "Fight for your lives." He said.

"Where is the station, exactly?" Karazin asked, seemingly knowing the answer. "Is it near a DEE sight?" He threw in, before Mario could answer his last question.

"It's a secondary DEE sight for Kaiot." said Mario, obviously in pain about saying that it was a DEE sight to anywhere at all.

"So...Are we going to Kaiot?" Karazin asked. It was a rare circumstance when Karazin didn't know the answer to a question, even one he asked himself, and now was one of those rare moments.

"I...Have decided that, as a group, we would decide...Though personally, I'd rather not go into Kaiot. Fighting and undermining Avonu's undermining of the gov't is one thing, fighting Avonu's own faction is another thing entirely...All right, we'll decide, as a group, right now!" Mario declared. "All in favor of staying within Pesse's boundaries, say 'I!'" Mario said, allowing several members to repeat his phrase. Many remained silent. I knew what that meant.

"All in favor of going to Kaiot, where the Arbiter attacks are most frequent, say 'Nay!'" He said.




"NAY!" Said almost everyone. A theory was spreading around: Even if they managed to get Avonu out of office today and reveal to them who Avonu really was, the Arbiters would have gained too much momentum to be stopped at that point. Mario's visage was tormented with the horrors of dying by an Arbitarian weapon: He's seen the powers of the Illicit Blessing, but it was my blade (or at least, now it was), not the Arbiters: had they owned it, they would have shoved it up his head, Arbit Burning, killing him and then some. Unless they felt cruel. Of course, he tried concealing it.

"We're going to Kaiot!" Mario said. "It's final...Oh, god, help me, or we're gonna die otherwise..."

"Bull****!" I yelled. Mario had failed to whisper quietly enough. "We're finally hitting Avonu where it hurts-Right in the face of those Arbiter bas****s! Or at least we have a chance! Avonu's probably been s**t scared of us for being able to drive off Gear twice now! If we can do that, we can do anything to those f***ing bas****s!" I roared. Get scared of Arbiters in my face, get a boatload of cussing Sailors would cringe at.

"Hell yhea! We could take their largest ship on and win, f***!" Issac added, only pleased that at last, he can do some real damage to the faction we were really interested in fighting.

"The Arbiters have their weapons, but we have our own weapons, most tenfold stronger. I've spotted quite a few experimental weapons: needler weapons are a common sight, there are gravity grenades about, and I've even seen the like of Spartan Lasers and Plasma Launchers in your armory." Karazin said, subtly.

Karazin's subtly must have been so that he said what he needed to but didn't want to be put in the spotlight in the process. He failed to keep the spotlight off him, however, as with Luvant's criminal act, he had once again had known critical information that nobody else did. At least this time, he had managed to shrug everybody away (with a look that said "Weren't you looking in your own armory?"

I myself have used Karazin's knowledgeable quips to catch up on everything I'd ever need to know about the Nexus, everything in it, and a little more, and I knew that all of those weapons were supposed to be the kind of stuff that was downright dangerous. Needler weapons slightly home in upon the skin and flesh of living things, making them explode if enough rounds impact. Gravity grenades were basically extremely tiny black holes with seconds-long lifespans that were created when the grenade itself detonated, sucking people in (killing them outright if they were too close), then exploding violently. Best of all, Spartan Lasers and Plasma Launchers were both weapons famous for their anti-vehicle potential, one a massive energy beam that no Volteer could control, the other a device that launched explosive wads of energy to a target determined by a lock-on feature. Both resulted in fantastic explosions.

Mario grinned: Even if the Arbiters were ruthless, powerful, and came in quite a few numbers, the last of these advantages would be their certain downfall, for quite frankly, if most weapon-wielding vehicles used by the Onlisk could be downed with a Spartan Laser, then nobody would have any doubts as to if it could down a single Arbiter-or more. Hordes of frontline troops being downed by explosive weapons like those werenít good for the Arbiters. As a bonus, the idea of wielding one was just fantastic. I could see myself wielding a Spartan Laser, blowing through Avonu's highly unwitting face, and grinned.

"We'll be there tomorrow! The refueling will take one hour, tops, and this time, I'm not waiting around for anybody. We're not going to get dragged in for having weapons, but we will be if we flaunt needlers or Spartan Lasers, or stuff like that, so just use the regular stuff and we will not get caught..." Mario said.

His voice got drowned out in my own thoughts. It was a simple task, yet it was now complicated so many times over it was like folding a piece of paper over and over and over and over until it refuses to give way to another foldÖSo long as the paper wasnít folded at all. Fortunately, there was a chance of escape if stealth was compromisedÖFor once.

The only thing better? DEE sights was where two dimensionís borders intersected and merged. Come on, folks, itís common knowledge at this point: the Nexus contains four dimensions, and these dimensions are held together by fused dimensional borders, said borders more commonly called Dimensional Edges. DEE stands for Dimensional Edge Eroder, something many ships Volteers use have installed in order to cross the different dimensions. Itís no use to try going interdimensional if you donít have a DEE. Otherwise, youíll just go to the opposite end of the dimension. However, you canít erode just anywhere-eroding anywhere other than a DEE sight, where the merged Dimensional Edges exist, would either fail miserably (the lucky fate), or else would drive your vessel straight into the voids that exist outside the Dimensional Edges, and nobodyís that stupid. You lose all contact with the Nexus the instant that happens, so nobody knows what happens. Save the people that do it. And Iím pretty sure that theyíre dead and then some.

That night, I was determined to train harder than ever. Mario was finished with Knight's Assent, and Karazin was still progressing at a nice pace. My Pokemon were getting stronger every day, and I wouldn't want to face myself if I were anyone else. Except Gear.

I took the incentive to achieve victory over any foe...If it went to hell at the refueling station, it would be a prime time to test my skill. And, as anything else related to leaving the Calypso for any amount of time was, I had a bad feeling that it was indeed going to go to all hell.

(Bleh, not my best work thus far.)
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