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Default Re: Face vs sammy0295 Ref: Foxamivalth

Final Round


[Cherial] Torkoal (F)
HP: 2
Energy: 11
Ability: White Smoke
Status: - 2 Sp.ATK
Moves: Endure ~ Explosion


Ducklett (F)
HP: 12
Energy: 6
Ability: Big Pecks
Status: -
Moves: Water Gun ~ Chill

Torkoal and Ducklett, both of them were dying. Only one more action can give any of them a victory. Ducklett prepared to attack Cherial and knocked her out. She didn't want to lose to a Fire-type Pokemon in a land of her own kind and being watched by her own kind. She didn't want to embarassed the avians in that island. Ducklett let out water from her mouth, she was ready to strike. Cherial realized that. Her speed was slower, but she had to endure the hit so that she could crash the duck and had her victory. Cherial lowered her body, she got ready for the incoming water attack. But her legs shook, Cherial's stamina was too low to do anything. Moreover, she had just performed a tiring move last turn, she wouldn't be able to keep it up. Ducklett opened her mouth, a stream of water was shot from her mouth and hit Cherial. Cherial took the water gun without moving. Ducklett collapsed. Her energy had run dry. She took a look at Cherial. The big turtle was standing on her four legs with dripping water, but immediately the four legs spread wide, Cherial fell down. Her head fell on the ground. Ducklett smiled, she won.
[Endure; Torkoal - 7 NRG, failed after the usage of Protect, Detect, Endure, Wide Guard, etc.]
[Water Gun; Ducklett - 4 NRG, Torkoal - 6 HP. Torkoal fainted]

Round Over


[Cherial] Torkoal (F)
HP: -4
Energy: 4
Ability: White Smoke
Status: FAINTED, - 2 Sp.ATK


Ducklett (F)
HP: 12
Energy: 2
Ability: Big Pecks
Status: Proud, happy, but then collapse

Arena Note
All Ducklett and Swanna cheered..
Face wins.
sammy0295 loses.

Face gets $15 for winning and KO'ing a Pokemon.
sammy0295 gets $7 for losing and using a shiny.
Foxamivalth gets $35 for reffing 7 rounds.

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