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Default Re: Face vs sammy0295 Ref: Foxamivalth

Round 6

[SIZE="1] Sammy0295

[Cherial] Torkoal (F)
HP: 12
Energy: 29
Ability: White Smoke
Status: - 2 Sp.ATK
Moves: Protect + Body Slam


Ducklett (F)
HP: 12
Energy: 24
Ability: Big Pecks
Status: -
Moves: Protect + Dive[/SIZE]

This was the last chance. Any of them who was hit, lost the battle. Ducklett was aware of the foe. That fire coal Pokemon was so dangerous that she could deliver Ducklett horrible damage. Ducklett wished she could stay a little longer on the field. Ducklett stepped back slowly before Torkoal reacted, she turned back, protected herself and ran as fast as she could. Torkoal realized the duck was trying to escape from the battle. Torkoal wouldn't allow that. She had inflicted so much pain to the duck and she didn't want all of that ended for nothing. Torkoal strengthen her shell, her white smoke covered her body to protect her from any harm. She chased Ducklett who ran faster. After a few steps, Torkoal hid in her shell and rolled with her shell to chase Ducklett. Ducklett rushed faster and aimed to the pond. She jumped to the pond, Torkoal also jumped and she came out from the shell and tried to slam the duck, but the duck had reached the pond and hid inside it. Torkoal missed her target, she landed in front of the pond. Ducklett was safe from the raging turtle. Ducklett could see Torkoal from the water, she kept spying on her. Torkoal was panting after using a tiring combination move. Ducklett used that chance to come out the water and smashed Torkoal using her watery wings. Torkoal's eyes were getting blur. Her sight had faded away, but her courage still hold her. She shook her head and took a deep breath.
[Protect + Dive; Ducklett - 18 NRG, Torkoal - 10 HP]
[Protect + Body Slam; Torkoal - 18 NRG. Missed]

Round Over


[Cherial] Torkoal (F)
HP: 2
Energy: 11
Ability: White Smoke
Status: - 2 Sp.ATK, "What should I do now?"


Ducklett (F)
HP: 12
Energy: 6
Ability: Big Pecks
Status: Heart beating quickly, "You still survive with 2 HP?"

Arena Note
It was getting hotter.

Face, your moves please.

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