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Default Re: Kingdom Hearts: Unwritten [RP]

Iolanthe (Ione)
Light, Apprentice
Everlastia, Courtyard

“No, it’s okay,” the boy replied, laughing lightly, which surprised Ione. She didn’t really know how he’d react, but this certainly wasn’t on the wide spectrum. “It’s… my fault. I shouldn’t just stand around and...”

His words soon became inter-muddled, making them incomprehensible. There, however, seemed to be more clarity in his eyes, a look of realisation. “Hey, are you all right?” he then asked, the authentic nature of the question a true shock. “It’s… Iolanthe, right?”

She honestly didn’t know how to react. It was very rare that positive interactions with others occurred, especially like this. The surprised easily transcribed onto her face, most emotions did, making her an easy book to read.

“I’m Iolanthe, yes,” the dark-haired girl answered, nodding her head gently in confirmation. “Y-“ she started, almost silently, recalling the blonde’s name, having heard it a few days back, but was cut off by a masculine voice.

“Hey, what happened here?” Turning her head, Ione easily caught sight of the speaker, a white haired boy, who struck her as troubled. Probably in response to the tree, she quickly concluded. In his company were two other girls, one with a stick of pokey in her mouth. The other was a brunette, tall and tanned, seemed to hang close to the boy.

“Yeah, does anyone know?” she asked, complimenting the original question.

Truthfully, Ione had the very same question to ask, and was completely unable to give an appropriate reply. The only thing she knew for certain was that this wasn’t a good omen…
Rush, it appeared, was in the same situation. “I… I’m not sure,” he answered, traces of nervousness in his voice, with a slow headshake. “I just got here…”

“I don’t either,” Ione added, showing a hint of concern. She then gave the darkness another glancing, the nightmare potent as before. The urgent atmosphere was rising, as people grew more and more fearful and uncertain. The negativity was sharp, slowly stirring the blackness within… Ione was starting to grow upset. This was a terrible time and place for it to start festering…

It took the assertive shout of an Elder to snap Iolanthe out of her thoughts, drawing her attention to the man. She’d seen him before, although something was different this time. It wasn’t physical; he still boasted aged skin, which, along with greying hair, gave away his mid-life status. An entourage of Masters stood by him, most wearing grave expressions. Usually, they carried themselves nobly, but today was different…

All eyes immediately fell on the Elder, mouthed now sealed, and a slight wave of anticipation filled the crowd. He really hadn’t needed to tell them to “be still”.

“Before you ask: no. I cannot provide all the answers you are seeking. But I must ask that you must leave the premises immediately surrounding the Tree of Blessings. This matter will be investigated by the Council, but until we get to the bottom of this, this area will be off-limits to students. Lunch is still being served in the Mess Hall, and classes are to continue as normal. Apprentices, please send the message on to your Masters that an important trial will be held this afternoon following the lunch hour. Please note that no one will be allowed to check out World Books until otherwise determined by the Council. That will be all—you are dismissed.” There was no hiding the heaviness present in his voice.

Disappointment was obvious, but nobody dared press for more details Instead, with dramatic exchanges, the students obeyed the command, and the cluster was quickly dissipating. Most seemed to be headed toward the Mess Hall, but a few went elsewhere. Rush, however, seemed be searching for someone, wasn’t meeting any success.

“What does this all mean?” he finally spoke, with the shake of his head. Something was clearly bothering him now, the tables being reversed.

“I don’t think anyone knows,” Ione innocently replied, doing a bad job at hiding the grim tone in her voice. She considered adding something sunnier, but cheering others up certainly wasn’t her forte. “Umm… we should get going,” the girl finally managed, noticing they were some of the only ones left.

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