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Default Re: Face vs sammy0295 Ref: Foxamivalth

Round 5


[Cherial] Torkoal (F)
HP: 36
Energy: 52
Ability: White Smoke
Moves: Overheat ~ Stone Edge


Ducklett (F)
HP: 45
Energy: 44
Ability: Big Pecks
Moves: Brine ~ Brine/Surf

Ducklett was annoyed by the sun. She was sweating and felt really hot as if she was steamed. Ducklett wanted to end her foe immediately. Her typing was good against Torkoal, it was no way she could lose. Ducklett let out water from her mouth, Ducklet's sweat and water were mixed together, she enveloped herself in the water and flew to Torkoal. She swung her wings and splashed the salty water to Torkoal. Torkoal was badly damaged by the salty water.
[Brine; Ducklett - 7 NRG, Torkoal - 10 HP]

Torkoal took advantages by using the hot bright sun to heat even hotter flame inside her shell. She intesified the heat and let out more smoke from her shell. Torkoal took a deep breath and looked at Ducklett. That duck wouldn't win. Torkoal focused her power and then released her hot flame all over the island. All the Ducklett and Swanna around them flew away. Ducklett was terribly steamed by the heat. She couldn't avoid the heat. She was too weak to run. Ducklett fell down on her wings. Torkoal smiled, she smelled victory.
[Overheat; Torkoal - 11 NRG, Ducklett - 33 HP due to Sun, Torkoal - 2 Sp.ATK]
[Overheat accuracy rolls 40/100 with 90 or less hits]

Ducklett couldn't believe she would be damaged so badly by a Fire-type Pokemon. All she could do was went to the pond, she bathed herself with the water from the pond to cool herself. Torkoal was laughing at her. Ducklett got mad and decided to give the coal some water to cool her up after releasing so much heat. Ducklett whipped up water from the pond and the water smashed Torkoal. Thanks to Ducklett, Torkoal felt cool and more relax.
[Surf; Ducklett - 13 NRG, Torkoal - 14 HP]

And this must be the last action she would perform, Torkoal thought. She decided to give the duck sharp stones as the ending. Torkoal intesified the heat from her shell to burn the ground. The ground cracked and stones were thrown out. Torkoal sent the stones to Ducklett together with the heat. Ducklett knew it was her end. She couldn't continue this battle anymore. She gave up. Ducklett closed her eyes, she lowered her head and laid on the pond. The rain of stones came to the pond, the stones fell down like a shower to the pond. The water surface was hit by the stones and it created narrow wave to the water. But the stones couldn't reach Ducklett. They all ended up sinking in the water. Ducklett was so lucky she could still live. Now, this was their last chance.
[Stone Edge; Torkoal - 12 NRG, missed]
[Stone Edge accuracy rolls 84/100 with 80 or less hits]

As the stones shower stopped, the sun hid under thick cloud, and more cloud was coming. The bright day has ended.

Round Over


[Cherial] Torkoal (F)
HP: 12
Energy: 29
Ability: White Smoke
Status: - 2 Sp.ATK


Ducklett (F)
HP: 12
Energy: 24
Ability: Big Pecks
Status: you or me?

Arena Note
Smooth wind was breezing..

sammy0295, your moves please.

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