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Originally Posted by saraibre ryu
field journal: Druddigon

may 2nd
while exploring the rocky cliff sides and mountains, i came upon a seemingly solitary pokémon. Like any trainer, i flipped out my pokédex, curious as to what this hunched blue beast was. My device told me it was a druddigon, a cave dwelling dragon of sorts. It was laying out in the sun with wings wide open and eyes closed. I moved closer to see if i could get a better look at it, but the rocky terrain wouldn’t allow me to move quietly, and the druddigon snapped awake. Seeing me, it darted back into a cave, rather quickly for its size in my personal opinion. Caves are one of the lesser explored places, so i’ve decided to head back to town for some proper supplies in order to find that pokémon again.

may 4th
hiking back up the mountain was a trial on its own, especially when i hadn’t marked the trail for the sake of finding that druddigon again. I was prepared with my galvantula to attempt to capture it, though i didn’t expect immediate success. No doubt upon returning to the same site, the same pokémon was sunning itself once again, however, it was more aware of its surroundings. By the time i had brought myself up and over the ridge, the dragon pokémon was already bolting back inside its cave. It moved fast enough to have avoided being tagged by my electric spider pokémon, and she looked a bit disappointed. Still we went inside, making sure that a small trail of web were made so we could get out later on. I knew that we weren’t going to find the druddigon right away, but what we did find once inside was interesting. The stone and rocks all had deep grooves in them, like something went and cut at them. I guessed it was a form of territory marking for the druddigon species, and considering they had those spikes and huge claws, why not use them as a warning that this was their space, and they had some really nasty claws. I ended up being distracted by the cave itself. My galvantula and i continued, despite the growing darkness in the cave, we noticed that there were some grooves going in certain directions along the wall, and that there were even some on the ceiling. I remember looking back behind us when i noticed a ledge carved out in the ceiling. In that spot was a break through to the surface, and a small ‘window’ of sorts let dim light onto the ledge. I wondered if the druddigon used this to sun bathe when it couldn’t quite be outside, or even if it lead to another spot on the mountain. I knew at that point however that it was getting late. Finding a spot to rest for the night, i curled up with my galvantula and charmeleon, and the softest spot of rock i could find. Maybe tomorrow we’ll have better results.

may 7th
a late entry, but last night wasn’t exactly good for sleep. I heard cries in the caverns and scuttling about. I returned my charmeleon, and let my eyes adjust to the darkness before i went to explore. I followed the sounds as best i could, but they were moving quickly. However when i went to turn a corner, i felt this rush of air pass by my face. I was glad i stepped back, as something heavy was moving after whatever made that first fwoosh of air. I watched down the straight path and saw a dim bit of blue and red. I knew i wasn’t going to be able to keep up so i hitched a ride on my galvantula’s back. She pursued quietly and enough for me to see what was going on. No doubt it was the druddigon, and it seemed to be after something. I only knew what it was because it screamed and bolted into another cave, and even though i didn’t see it all that well, i could tell it was a woobat. I saw the druddigon stop, as it was a sharp corner. It faced the other tunnel, and i could see its golden eyes almost glowing, almost as if it were using glare. Why it wasn’t going after it, i wasn’t sure, though. My galvantula didn’t move, as we didn’t want to be seen. Soon we noticed the druddigon move again, only this time, more carefully. We followed it, and saw it was climbing and almost running along the walls. I wondered how it could move so quickly, and then i remembered the groves from before. It didn’t need to dig its claws in when it already made steps for itself.

As we continued to observe, i noticed my galvantula move slower and with near silence thinking probably the same thing i was. In the quiet i could hear the faintness of that woobat’s cries. I wasn’t sure for how long we followed that dragon around, maybe hours, but at some point and i’m wasn’t sure at the time how, as things got darker in the cave, the druddigon managed to find that woobat again. Looking back at it, i bet the beast was hunting by sound in the cave. The druddigon chased that woobat, snapping its jaws and easily within reach of it. My galvantula had a hard time keeping up, but soon we noticed the dragon slow down. At that time i could really feel the coldness of the cave, having been away from my charmeleon’s flame for so long. We kept following and i noticed things started to get lighter. I wasn’t paying much attention to the surroundings but we eventually ended up outside, the sun shining morning light out on the ridge. The bright lights made me go blind for a moment, and i could only feel bad for my steed as a galvantula had six of them. I heard a roar, a squeaky cry, and then a really loud thud in the distance. I rubbed my eyes to make them adjust faster but it wasn’t any good. We retreated back in the cave and in the dark, not wanting to be jumped by a large blue reptile because we couldn’t see. When we followed the silky trail of web back, we noticed that it was rather winding. I think it took us a good few hours before we finally made it back to our small camp where my charmeleon was waiting. I’m happy to be around a warm fire again as i write this. Sure was some way to start the early morning.

may 12th
the last few days have been spent mostly exploring this druddigon’s cave system. It seems the main area of the territory is around the surface of the mountain side. For a cave, it’s not too badly lit in some places either. I noticed more holes with ledges on them and only recently discovered what they were for. As we were wandering around, i saw, (or rather, my charmeleon flipped out and almost spat flames at the ceiling behind me) the druddigon sitting curled up on the small nook it dug out in the stone. It was curled up in a ball and wasn’t moving. I saw that the hole wasn’t shining any light in directly, and also, my charmeleon moving closer, as in dangerously close. Her tail lit up the area around the dragon. After a moment, i could see the dragon start to stir, but at a slowpoke’s rate. The blue and red beast growled and took a slow swipe at my charmeleon, who only jumped down backwards quickly. I saw the dragon move slower; despite we were right there in plain sight. Instead of running right away like before, it dragged itself outside through the hole, scraping away more of the dirt with its belly. Well it was still considered running off but in my mind it was too slow to be considered actual running. I figure that druddigon were cold blooded since it seemed to move more when it was warm. That doesn’t quite explain how it moved so fast a few days ago when it was chasing that woobat though. Maybe hunger drove it? Maybe it was trespassing…but there are tons of woobat in the cave, plus it saw us today and did nothing in terms of attacking us. Maybe since we’ve been here almost a week it doesn’t mind us so much? I guess i’m going to have to wait and see.

may 15th
today i discovered that the druddigon we’ve been following around is a female. Besides the part that my charmeleon explained it to me, this is what happened. We were wandering around deeper than we usually do, and i noticed that the walls had fewer markings on them than they usually did. We kept walking, and then started to see more markings; however, they looked different and not as deep. To my lack of perception at the time, we weren’t aware we had entered another druddigon’s territory until it came and attacked us. I was surprised and so were my other pokémon at the time. We ran a ways back to where we had come, knowing there was a more open cave we’ d have better luck battling in. Once we had gotten in it, i took another look at this druddigon. It was a heavier build and the colours seemed just a bit paler. It also looked really, really angry. My pokémon and i were ready to fight, only to have the druddigon we’d been following come out of nowhere and take to combat with the other.

I could tell the difference between the female one and, what i guessed was a male one. The girl had brighter scales, or i suppose more vibrant. The male, again, a bit more bulky and had heavier arms it seemed. At some point in the battle, i noticed that the female had stronger wings than the male as well. I wasn’t too sure to get involved with the fight, as it looked like the one dragon we’d been following was winning. I noticed that she only attacked if the other druddigon kept coming into the big room, and when he turned and left, she didn’t keep the battle. As much as i want to think it was that druddigon defending us, i am still thinking it was more of a territory thing. It made me wonder why she hadn’t chased us out yet. Maybe it’s because i’m a human? It’s been almost a week and a half as well, maybe she has gotten used to us.

may 17th
i decided to head back outside of the cave and get some much needed sunshine. I also want to try some things out with the druddigon. Yesterday i noticed the pokémon drinking from a spring in the afternoon, but only waiting until after the sun had hit it for a few hours, and that was after it had very slowly clawed out a root to chew on. Things have been rather quiet in the evening the past few days so i’m not sure if the girl has eaten or not. Being a dragon, they would be primarily carnivorous, though i think druddigon are omnivorous when the situation presents itself. Anyway, my plan today was to have my galvantula set up various thin trip wires of her web all over the cave. I wanted to see if my assumption of them using their sense of hearing to catch prey was correct. I was also having my charmeleon heat up a nearby pool of water i knew the druddigon was lingering around. I’ll write what happens later on today.

may 17th –consecutive-
the results of my experiment were interesting. Regarding the water, it seems that the druddigon went for the warmer water quickly, or as quick as she could. After drinking she seemed to perk up, moving a lot faster than before she drank. The warmer water clearly increased her internal temperature, and i think made her a bit happier. I would like to think so anyway. My galvantula told me that she was moving quickly in the cave, chasing something but not minding the fine threads she set all over the place. I think that the druddigon was able to move that fast by keeping up her body heat by moving so quickly. She just needed something to start her up in a way.

may 19th
once again we were woken up by that druddigon. I wouldn’t have expected us to be bothered since we were sleeping outside the cave, but we were. This also explains what happened the time we followed the druddigon hunting, but were blinded when we were lead outside. I wasn’t much awake to see it, but what i did see was some smaller pokémon come running out of the cave, and also was blinded by the bright light of the morning sun. The dragon came and grabbed her prey and tumbled a bit over the edge. After some time the dragon climbed over the edge with a satisfied look on her face. The three of us didn’t move, and only watched the druddigon lay down where out dying embers were, and curl up on top of the coals. I guessed that her underside was more armored than i thought if she wasn’t bothered by the embers, and now that i think of it, all those sharp rocks she could have passed over while chasing after her food. Either way, sitting here now and watching her sleep, makes me think that these past few weeks were well worth the effort.
Originality and Creativeness - 17
I can find where you interjected your creativity into this. I see the pokedex information, yet you used it in a creative way along with your new ideas. Good job.
Realism - 17
Ummm... You were talking to your pokemon twice, I don't believe that could happen, and it would be way to hard for your pokemon to act that stuff out.
Spelling and Grammar - 16
Velocity graded this so, I don't know...
Most of you I's are not capitalized?
Writing -19
Some parts I had to read over again to fully understand, mainly parts about the grooves and such. But that isn't too much of a problem.


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