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Default Re: New Horizons: Dark Arceus [all-inclusive mon/morph/trainer/wild/etc]

As the last traces of the sun's glow disappeared from behind the Coronet Mountain Range, a single traveler approached the sleepy town of Solaceon. Jenny was rushing to the Pokemon Center; she hadn't counted on arriving so late. But then again, her journey from Hearthome hadn't gone as smooth as she would've liked it to be. Her interest had been sparked when she passed by the unmoving figure of a Pikachu sitting at the edge of a river. Jenny simply couldn't ignore her curiosity, and drew close to investigate. However, it actually turned out to be some kid in a Pikachu costume, and Jenny was immediately challenged to a battle. In the end, she wound up with two of her Pokemon paralyzed by the Pikachu trainer's single Pikachu, and further wounded later down the path when she had to pass through some tall grass. She wasn't in a dire situation, but she definitely needed to get to town before night fell. She had heard ghost stories about the area surrounding the tower on the route...

The glass doors of the Pokecenter slid open with their welcoming "ping" as Jenny entered the building. She checked herself in and gave her Pokemon to the nurse before dropping down onto one of the lobby couches, exhausted. Jenny opened her backpack and studied a map of her progress. The next day, she would go to the Solaceon day care to pick up the egg, and start on the road to Veilstone City. A news report played on the screen of a nearby TV, reiterating through its daily broadcast.

"A bizarre incident unfolded today at Goldenrod City in the Johto Region. Civilians report seeing a two unidentified creatures causing a disturbance in the streets. Witnesses vary in their descriptions of what they looked like. However, they all agreed that they appeared to be some combination of Pokemon and human."

Jenny's attention shifted over to the TV, wondering to herself, "Pokemorphs... could it be?"

"It was also agreed upon by witnesses that one had physical traits similar to a Raichu, while the other had traits similar to a Pachirisu," the news report continued, "Several people found themselves the victims of a lightning strike, which appears to fit with the description."

"It's definitely those..." she said to herself, "I knew there was some ground to the theory..."

Jenny had heard about Pokemorphs- mysterious creatures that had the traits of both humans and Pokemon- several years ago. She had done research for her own sake to know more about them, interested in them almost as much as Legendary Pokemon. In a way, they were legendary- as her results showed, very little has been known about them since their sudden appearance many decades ago. At the same time, several theories suggested that their purpose was to match the abilities of Pokemon whilst exceeding their intelligence and versatility. However, the idea was the butt of many jokes in her school; it was dismissed as outlandish fantasy. Jenny quickly found her social status sinking into nerd-dom from expressing so much interest in the subject, and she eventually dropped it.
But as she continued to watch the news, her fascination began anew.

"Professor Aspen of Johto's local medical research centre was questioned about their group's involvement and response to the incident," The news report switched over to footage of Aspen and his colleagues, surrounded by news reporters and assaulted by a high frequency of camera flashes. She had read about the professor before- he was a very notable figure whose name appeared in great renown. Not a common household name like Oak or Rowan, but renowned nonetheless. Jenny scrambled to find herself a pen, and turned her map over to take notes on what was about to be said.

“One at a time, please, one at a time!” The scientist in the centre was waving down the pack, keeping them at bay as they lapped at their heels. He was a diminutive figure, rather paunchy, with small, dark eyes and thin pale grey hair. Though he seemed old, he moved with the strength and energy of one half his age, and spoke in a loud, clear, youthful voice. He wasn’t dressed in the usual, plain white lab coat. His was a pale, creamy beige with red trim around the cuffs of his long sleeves.

“One at a time!” He shouted once more.

“Professor Aspen, what was the creature that attacked these witnesses?”

“Professor Aspen, will your medical research centre be launching an inquiry into these events?”

“Professor Aspen, why are the regional lab professors unaware of these monsters?”

“Professor Aspen, have any of these creatures been captured yet?”

“Professor Aspen, has Professor Elm had anything to say about these encounters?”

Aspen waved them all to quiet down, showing a clear sign of irritation, “I can assure you all, that I personally will launch an investigation into these strange creatures. The public needn't worry, everything will be taken care of.”

Jenny sedulously took down every word of the news report as though it were a class assignment, fully engrossed in the subject. She thought to herself, "Oh, I wish I could do that... Investigating the Pokemorphs while working alongside Professor Aspen..."

“Professor Aspen, are the rumours about the Hoenn thief's involvement true?”

“Professor Aspen, is it true that the great Lucian Dubois' son, Riley, used the stolen information to manufacture these half-human 'super-weapons'?”

Jenny froze from her writing, "That petty thief, again... the information he stole was about the Pokemorphs?"

She now feeling even more envious of him.

Something like a grimace wrinkled Aspen's brow. “We have no information to substantiate that fact.”

The crowd buzzed with more clicking and shouting and bright, sharp camera flashes as the scientists around Aspen helped push back the crowd to let him pass. “No more questions,” they shouted as Aspen and two other scientists hurried him back to the medical research centre, Johto division.

"Wait... manufacture?" she thought to herself.
Jenny took a moment to process all the new information that came in such few sentences. Then, she resumed to mad scribbling over the back of her town map, noting down every iota of information and footnoting it further with critical questions.

"Thank you for waiting! You Pokemon are now fully healed!" the voice of the Pokemon Center's nurse called out to her from the counter. Jenny retrieved her Pokeballs, and returned to her seat, letting them out for inspection.

"Twirlie," She said to the Spinda. She picked it up and gave it a hug, "You did a good job out there. Just watch out for Thunder-wave next time, OK?"

"Radio," She said to her Kricketune, "I guess I didn't use you much other than to clear away those Bibarels. Why don't we change that now? You can play some music."
The bug Pokemon began to rub its wings and forelegs together, generating a familiar tune that Jenny had heard ever since childhood.

"Castform," She finally turned to her nameless cloud Pokemon. It was the only Pokemon of her three that fainted on the way over. She admitted, "Well, it looks like you've recovered well. I guess I'm not used to your moves yet, and you haven't had as much experience battling as the rest of them."

Castform swayed its head back and forth in a neutral response.

"Come to think of it, I never really battled with you ever since I won you from that science fair..." Jenny said quietly, "I guess we'll have to work on that, won't we?"

Castform swayed its head back and forth in a neutral response.

"eh...." Jenny went on, nervously. She decided just to sit down and let the time pass. Her Kricketune continued to play the song as the other two Pokemon rested around her.

The news report had long since ended, and she looked over her notes on what she gathered.

"Manufacture..." she repeated the word again, "That seems to mean that those Pokemorphs weren't natural... or perhaps that some of them were man-made..."

She paused for a moment, thinking to herself, "But then, what would be the method for making one?"

A random memory popped into her head. What that eccentric trainer in the Pikachu costume had said all the way back on Route 209.

"I wanna be a Pokemon when I grow up!"

Jenny giggled to herself, "I guess it might be possible..."
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