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Default Re: New Horizons: Dark Arceus [all-inclusive mon/morph/trainer/wild/etc]

Cody & Sara,

"Get away from her!" Cody sreamed as he ran towards the fallen girl and the boy who seemed just...evil. Maybe it was the pokemon inside him, but he just knew that boy wasn't trying to help her. He held...some kind of weapon, and the way he was holding it seemed as if he was going to kill her. He had heard her yelp, her screech of pain. He had heeded it, sprinting off of the bench and running, Sara behind him. And the look in this boy's eyes-was the look of ruthless killing and emotionless murder.

As he got steadily closer, he reconized the weapon. A scythe. Then it all came together. Emotionless, holding a scythe, he was Death. But he only heard of stories which were meant to scare children, not Death himself. He also noticed someting about the girl too- she was a pokemorph. He'd heard rumors the day he got here, only a day ago. 'Failed experiments' some called them, others called them freaks.

He only knew one thing: Death was not going to cheat her out of her soul. Not tonight.

"Hey, Death!" his hands ignited in the grey flames he'd dubbed Classico.

'But why isn't he invisible? You would think he would be a bit more discreet.'

Cody had just dashed off, Sara followeing after a huge bite of the sandwich. As she ran, she tried to munch the sandwich, she somehow got it down. Cody was yelling, but the chewing in her mouth made too much noise for her to hear. He ingnited his hands in Classico, lighting up the ground near them.

"Hey, Death!" Sara's mouth was agape, then closed and a serious expression crossed her face. "[Are you freakin' CRAZY?!]" Sara yelled, because who the hell challenges Death?

Then she saw the girl. She was beautiful, but that wasn't the point. She was furry, covered in red fur, black jagged lines, and tan fur. A pokemorph. What was more, she was in front of Death, lying on the ground face-down. She was what made that cry, but she wasn't dead yet. Then she noticed. She was about to fight against Death to save this girl. And all she could do is stare him down as if he were a common metapod, just any random enemy. The two opposing parties stood on opposite sides, an equal distance from the girl. One side trying to steal her soul, the other trying to save that soul.

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