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I totally ran out of room on my other post...

Human Sheet:

Name: Adrian Acursio
Age: 22
Gender: Male
Status: Engine of WAE
Appearance: NOT my picture.
Adrian is 5'9 and has a skinny lank body he hides under a long black jacket. He is incredibly pale, though people caught in the grasp of WAE see his pale skin as a comfort rather than a concern. His eyes are a dull red, though no one of WAE can see this. Despite what everyone may think, Adrian can still see a bit of colour, though is slowly losing his vision. He is extremely clean and well kept, and never without an emotionless gaze on his face.
Personality: Adrian has no emotion; his voice is monnotone, his expressions have no soul to them. Adrian can be cruel but this doesn't often show, as he finds any emotion, good and bad, has something to do with the chaos that gives the world grief. He knows, rather than feels, justified about the movement of WAE, and subconciously has no idea that Castol is nearly controling him. Despite the fact that no one knows he holds the origins of WAE, those who enforce the global plague seem to always listen to him without questioning it. Adrian never grew up around other people in the outside world, so does not quite understand them, however due to the scenario of the outside world, he assumes he does. He always tries to find the most calm of approach to deal with things, but he knows when you need to fight fire with fire.
Background: Adrian was born with albinism. His parents only allowed him outside when the sun wasn't at it's best, and days were either partially clouded or completely overcast. He was privately schooled and was surprisingly happy in a house with just his parents and the hired staff kept to upkeep the house. Both of his parents were busy traveling over the globe for buisness, and that in turned help WAE spread. The boy at a young age would constantly watch the news rather than cartoon shows, and he constantly wanted all the conflict to stop. This signaled Castol to come in and influence his mind, knowing he was a reincarnate of his previous human owner from several decades ago. As time went on, Adrian slowly developed into an emotionless person, though not cruel or unjust, he had no emotions what so ever. He grew up advancing in his home schooling, and always watching the news. Every time he did, he wished more and more that the world was not in pain and chaos. Every time he did, Castol pushed his influence more and more into the world. Adrian loved the changes as WAE started to take over. He was never aware it was Castol who had taken over at first, he just came to always know Castol was around. After leaving his parents estate, Adrian travelled around to the strongest cities around the globe, helping to organize WAE headquarters, and turn any small towns of the country into concentration camps for Deviant rehabilitation. He continues to do this now, especially after the escape of the super weapon in Nexen. As he continues to carry out the orders of WAE, he slowly loses more and more of his senses.
Firearms: Adrian, having been to many WAE facilities, was taught how to use small firearms.
Senseless: Adrian is unaffected by other arts thanks to Castol's influence.
Unclouded: Adrian has a clear mind, and thus, his reflexes are extremely sharp.
Endless: With Castol giving him energy, even with Adrian's below average physique, he can take many hits, and is quick on his feet.
Idealist: Adrian's ideas influence large masses of people, and he can instantly calm those who are already of WAE that are disturbed.

Sona Sheet:

Name: Castol W. Addo Exitium
Age: Unknown
Gender: N/A, reffered to as 'he'.
Species: Arcane Engine
Appearance: Drawn by me, steal and...get cheese grated.
Castol is huge, almost 25 feet tall in his normal form and well over five tons. He is entirely monochrome, even his 'eyes' somehow shine a black gleam when they are 'open'. The spires on his back absorb energy, and allow him to hook up to the facility of Velvod itself and act as it's engine. They also double as swords when needed. Two large cannons reside on standby on his backside, and his massive arms hide more weaponry inside. Despite his behemoth appearance, he can move very fast, and is incredibly strong. In assault mode, his arms split into two other arms, giving him four, and his legs split into four jet engins that allow him to hover on the ground.
Personality: Castol's name means "to give destruction" or "inspire ruin". That's exactly what 'he' does. Being a machine of magic, he has no sense other than thought. He has no true sight, sense of hearing or really a sense of feeling. Castol is out to bring WAE over the world of Nexen and reality as he has been attempting to for the last hundred years. Castol isn't only part of WAE, he is the origin of it, a collaboration of negative ideas that made him the god of Antitivity Sona's. To Castol, creativity and imagination is the reason peace can never be attained, because the nature of chos comes from those two things. Once they are extinguished, his purpose will have been fufilled. Even though he is a Sona, Castol has had more than one human, making him the only Sona to have lived without one and to transfer human masters. In fact, they aren't masters at all, as Castol is the master of the human that is the reincarnate of his original creator. Slowly over thousands of years the mssive living Arcane engine has evolved into a ruthless, emotionless death bringing entity. He alone could assault Nexen but his wisdom and intelligence make him wait. He has patience beyond time itself and skill beyond mastery. He speaks in a multi-tone voice that's only to the slightest bit masculine. All of the voices are those of his previous human counter parts.
Information: Castol is the origin of WAE, designed to be an engine of negative emotions to supress imagination and creativity. He has always existed based on the idea that chaos is at the heart of all negative entities in the world, though when he was 'born' he was not ware of this. As times grew from medieval, to premodern ages, Castol changed with the times in order to maintain being an engine. He thrived off the thoughts of those who wanted peace and not strife, often altering their own minds to go out and attempt to conquere to bring a vast unity over people. These people all failed and eventually died, but nevertheless he found the reincarnate and clung onto them at the first signs of disruptive thinking. Castol over thousands of years began to be the one in control of his human counterpart, rather than his human counter part being an infuence over him. As he takes over the Nexen and Reality with his mass of senseless influence, he is only biding his time before all other threats have been eliminated before a complete and total purge is carried out. Castol only needs to find the one entity that broke free from his power, as he knows that entity is the embodiment of total chaos.
Assault Mode: Castol can change into a hover tank-like form, complete with two large energy cannons, two smaller gattling guns, and a lot of explosive discharges.
Engine Mode: Castol can turn into a powerful enging with a limitless supply of energy, and hook himself up into any machine.
Arcane Barrier: Castol create a barrier of magical energy to protect himself for some time.
Arcane Hellfire: Castol releases a rain of arcane energy from his outlets, obliterating the field around him. This requires some recharge time.
Arcane Bolt: Castol fires energy out of his gun[s] at his enemies.
Senseless: Castol is unaffected by sensory attacking abilities, as he has no eyes, no ears, and does not feel pain. He has a very strong mind, however can be slowed down with provoking paradoxes. He applies this to his human counterpart.
Momentum: Castol can charge by powering the outlets on his back to move at incredible speeds. He can also hover in mid air.
WAE: Castol, as the origin of WAE itself, has a very powerful affect on even strong minds, purging those nearby of creative powers and using them as fuel.
NnV: Castol can nulify the abilities of either the Sona, or the Deviant of that Sona temporarily. Who is affected is chosen at random.
Other: He is the original WAE.
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