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Default Re: Diamond1304 vs Mawile_rocks

Round 8


[Evan] Minccino (M)
HP: 37
Energy: 82
Ability: Technician
Moves: Sing/Double Team ~ Aqua Tail/Wake Up Slap


[Rocky] Aggron (M)
HP: 34
Energy: 49
Ability: Rock Head
Moves: Double Team ~ Brick Break
Status: ATK +2

Minccino was going to sing the same song again. This time he made sure that he wouldn't miss again. He stood still and closed his eyes, ready to sing. But suddenly he heard a sound. He opened his eyes. Mincinno couldn't see anything. He was sure his eyes were open, but he wonder why the only thing he could saw was darkness. The sound of he heard just now, it might be the lights button. Someone had stupidly pressed it. But whatever, Mincinno kept singing the lullaby. On ther side, Aggron was shocked with what he had done. He had pressed something that made the lights went out. He was looking the button he had pressed but he couldn't find anything in the darkness. He kept searching and didn't recognize anything.
[Sing; Minccino - 4 NRG]
[Sing's accuracy was 55%, decreased by 40%, results in 33%, means rolling 33 or lower hits. Rolls 78/100. Miss]

To realize it was his turn to move, Aggron started to run around the area he stood. He ran so fast and created 2 self copies. While he was running, he hoped he or any of the clones would stepped on a button that would turn on the lights. But they did not. None of them stepped on any button. But at least, there were 3 Aggrons now to surprised Minccino.
[Double Team; Aggron - 6 NRG, 2 clones are created]

Minccino heard foot steps after he sang the song. That meant his enemy wasn't sleeping. Minccino was annoyed, the opponent hadn't slept yet and he decided to give the heavy steel Pokemon some slaps. Minccino ran forward. He slapped recklessly, wished he would hit the enemy. And he hit something on his way to the enemy's place. He jumped and slapped his enemy without wasting any time. But when he slapped his enemy once, he couldn't hit anything else. He couldn't find anything around him. Minccino was not sure if he had really hit his enemy or not.
[Wake-Up Slap; Minccino - 12 NRG, ]
[Wake-Up Slap's accuracy is 100%, decreased by 40%, results in 60%, means rolling 60 or less hits the target. Rolls 10/100]
[Wake-Up Slap rolls 3/3 with 1 hits the real Aggron, else, hits the clone]

A clone had been struck and a poof sound was heard by Aggron. Minccino was somewhere near him, he wouldn't waste his time to think any longer. Aggron focused his power on his punch and swung it around him. And it hits! What a lucky punch! Minccino was hit without guard and fell on the floor hard. It looked like luck wasn't on Minccino's side. Aggron was really proud of himself that he could nearly beat two opponents without switching out.
[Brick Break; Aggron - 7 NRG, Minccino - 21 HP]
[Brick Break's accuracy is 100%, decreased by 40%, results in 60%. means rolling 60 or less hits the target. Rolls 22/100]

Round Over


[Evan] Minccino (M)
HP: 16
Energy: 66
Ability: Technician


[Rocky] Aggron (M)
HP: 34
Energy: 22
Ability: Rock Head
Status: >8D ATK +2

Arena Notes:
Arena rolls 1/10. Results in a black off. All Accuracy - 40%

Mawile-Danmaku, your action commands, please.

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