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Default Re: New Horizons: Dark Arceus [all-inclusive mon/morph/trainer/wild/etc]

"....don't have much time.....if friends...stay....hidden......the ........kil....................................... .................................................. .................................................. .................................................. .................................................. .................................................. .................................................. ............"

Only a few fragmented words rolled out of the radio before the static took over again. Janet could barely piece together the words that the syllables formed, but understood the alert behind the message, and how it was meant for her.
"Stay right where you are... don't move," she summed up what she heard in her head, "simple enough... as if there was anywhere to go..."
Janet sleepily curled up in the generator room of New Mauville, sandwiched between a dirty pile of old, discarded cloth.
The digital clocks illuminated her dark makeshift bedroom from every device in the room. 2:45PM; Janet's schedule was nocturnal, venturing outside only to collect the berries she needed to survive on. She didn't have anything to do during the day anyway. Enemies- trainers- roamed outside at this time of day, looking for anything to fight. Enemies- clockwork businesspeople- busied back and forth between the northern town and the southern port city, inclined to gawk and jeer at any abnormality that they'd spy in their path. Enemies- previous Sector Lab scientists- searched their ways through these parts, threatening to throw her back in the hellhole that deformed her.
Night time was much safer. Very few things roamed the route at that point. Hooligan bikers that gave away their presence from a mile away, night guards that she could detect and avoid as long as she paid attention, and the Pokemon. Wild Pokemon- at first she thought she could befriend some of the Plusles and Minuns around the route. She was able to carry out a civil conversation with one or two of them, but for the most part they just wanted to fight her like any other trainer. And then during night-time, the Pokemon really got wild; there was no use trying to reason with them at that point.
But it was much better than the humans. News spread fast among humans, while the Pokemon went about their ways caring not whether the last thing they fainted against was human, Pokemon, or any range in between.
And in New Mauville, she was safe- as close to being safe as she could be, anyway. The area was abandoned, save for a small population of Magnemite, whose mechanical personalities were not easily disturbed.
Janet had been accustomed to finding ways to make ends meet on her own. The generator provided a source of warmth for her, and the electricity was something she learned to leech off of when she needed comfort. A few of the communication devices in the area still worked, and fed in fragments of news of the outside world (though it all sounded so foreign...).
Some of the wardrobes yielded lab coats for which she used the cloth for a bed. Rubber suits were good for bagging berries when she went outside.
There were a few conductor suits that past workers had used to redirect electricity around their bodies when handling dangerous currents. That part didn't matter to Janet, though; she was already wearing one that she could never take off.
As the soft static of the radio continued, Janet began to drift into sleep again.

Janet was slowly aroused by the sound of approaching footsteps, and then suddenly alerted when the light of a flashlight seared red behind her eyelids.
"Whoa, wha-", the source of the light whirled back the flashlight to investigate the strange sight it had just caught. Janet instrinctively retreated into the pile of cloth to avoid being exposed, cursing her irresponsibility for sleeping next to the generator rather than keeping hidden that time. She opened her eyes and looked through the sheets, identifying a young boy no older than ten- a trainer, no doubt.
The boy, somewhat shaken at the unknown movement he saw in the darkness, rushed to pull his pokedex out of his pocket and scan whatever was out there. Janet slowly charged the fur around her with electricity, and the cloth became attracted to the charge, sticking to it. Meanwhile, the boy's device activated with a "click", and began to speak.
"Plusle, the Cheering Pokemon. Plusle loves to cheer for its fellow Pokémon, and it creates sparkling pom-poms by shorting out the electrical current released from its palms."
Janet groaned inwardly, rose up standing in a battle stance. She charged at the boy in her cloth cover at lightning speed, while shrieking as if to spite the happy-go-lucky description of her Pokemon counterpart species.
Quick Attack landed a blow, but not on the lanky bones of the boy; she had made a full-body charge into a hard, spiny body of metal. The trainer had called out a Lairon at the last moment, and quickly began his own move in the battle.
"Headbutt that thing!" he said shakily. The steel-reinforced monster knocked Janet back, sending a few patches of cloth fluttering from her armor. Still veiled, Janet landed on her feet and began charging electricity again- this time for an attack.
"That thing is huge..." the boy whispered to himself. But as he saw the sparks flare up around hist opponent's body, he snapped back into the beat of the battle, "Use Iron Defense!"
Janet stopped paying attention to the Lairon as she heard the move. As it began to tense up and strengthen its steel armor into an impenetrable physical wall, Janet let loose her Electro Ball, and hit her mark.
Both Lairon and its owner winced at the impact. The trainer frantically made another order, "Dig underground!"
Shaking off the electricity with a short roar of defiance, the Lairon slammed its claws into the ground and burrowed a hole straight through the tiles of New Mauville's flooring.
The trainer relaxed and watched expectantly at the target, waiting to see the inevitable surprise KO when Lairon would come from the ground. However, his confidence disappeared into shock as he saw his opponent slam into the ground. Shock turned into horror as the dust cleared to reveal a second hole- the result of another Dig attack.
"No wait Lairon, stay down! If you come u-" the boy's warning was cut short as the sequence unfolded itself. Lairon erupted out of the ground head-first, poised to strike. A moment of confusion crossed its face before the ground beneath it erupted and heaved it up from underneath.
Lairon's heavy body- with a few clumps of soil- sailed a few feet in the air before crashing down on the tile floor, unable to battle.
The boy tensed as he saw the figure of the supposed Plusle he was battling emerge from the ground. When Janet dug through the ground, she had scraped off all the patches of cloth that static cling initially held her disguise together.
Now she was completely exposed to the eyes of the trainer, who was at the moment taking her image in- from the red tips of her Plusle ears down to the yellow-furred ends of her toes.
"What kind of Plusle is..." the boy trailed off, awed and terrified. But as he heard the creature shriek suddenly remembered the danger he was in. He brought out his Pokeball to return Lairon and call out another, but by then Janet rushed in, and delivered a Quick Attack on the proper target.
The boy was knocked down and pinned with Janet's body. Her's cheeks began to course with a violent swell of electricity as she grabbed the trainers arms to restrain his flailing. She was small for her age, but the boy was much younger, and at the sudden direct attack on himself he completely helpless.
She began to realize that he was only a beginning trainer. Probably one of many who passed by on the route- just on the starting chapters of another journey to be a master.
"No Letgoplease! I don't wantto! PleaseIdontNoNoNONONO...!!" Under her weight and suppression, the boy's resolve crumpled like wax paper, and he broke down into desperate sobbing. The current of electricity she was charging continued to rise, spreading to the rest of her conductive pelt and reaching heart stopping-levels of danger.
"You saw me..." Janet growled mournfully, pushing her sparking cheeks next to his neck, "Now I can't let you go..."

A few reflected flashes danced through the hallways of New Mauville, with echoing howls following like the thunder after the lightning. Then nothing.

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