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Default Re: [RP]Pokemon: Realix Academy[RP]

"I did tell you I can use pokemon moves, right? I don't think I'll be needing any treatment." Cody smirked, his arm glowing a bright gold. The light slowly vanished, leaving no evidence of an injury at all. "[And about that Royce...Royce Worthington, I heard he's a spoiled brat who was given everything in life. Pokemon, food, money...I had to work for all of it but Sara. And we're inseperable.]"

"[As for the monster, it seemed to want to drain the energy and life of the students, not kill them. But then again, it did hit you pretty hard, Cody]" Sara chuckled, laughing at his misfortunes only because she knew he would be fine. "[I don't like Royce either. He didn't even care about Cody's injury, nor did he even ask who he was. Seems like he has a very limited social circle.]" Sara speculated, sitting in the waiting room. Everyone spoke in hushed tones, but Sara said her next quesion in a normal tone. "[So...what do you want to do? Just wait for him to get out? I don't think it'll take that long, so-]"

"[We can stay and keep you company, if you'd like.]" Cody said, finishing Sara's sentence, though Sara would have ended it differently. Sara glared in dissagreance, but she would stay if Cody wanted her to.

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