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Default Re: New Horizons: Dark Arceus [all-inclusive mon/morph/trainer/wild/etc]

Erik turned off the radio, hearing of the broadcast of a 'mysterious creature' attacking the crowd. He frowned lightly as he leaned back in the chair. His sword, a slender double-edged two-handed blade, rested lightly against the wall as he held two fingers up, watching the electricity spark between them as he sighed. Hearing a slight groan, he looked at his passenger and stopped messing with his electrical currents.

"Uhhhh...." She groaned, weakly trying to sit up, but giving up the notion soon. "Where am I...?" She faintly spoke.

"You are on my ship. It's a good thing you were not seriously injured or had any broken bones, I would not have been able to take care of you alone if you were." He spoke, seeing her shoot up in shock and look at him. "My name is Erik, Erik Marx." He introduced warmly, holding out a hand from his bedside seat.

"M-my n-name is Aria. A-Aria Rals." She spoke meekly before realizing that she had no clothing on. Sqeaking sharply, she covered herself in the sheets of the bed, staring at him in bewilderment. "Wh-why am I naked?"

"Oh, it's nothing like that!" Erik immediately spat out. "I had to make sure all of your wounds were fully bandaged. I didn't do anything like that, I swear!" He held his hands out in defense, fearing he would get hit somewhere he did not want to feel it.

"O-oh... I'm sorry... I never thought about that..." She apologized in response, blushing as she looked away. He's kind of good-looking, but I bet he already has a morph with him. She thought, not noticing him doing the same. Man... that sound she made was cute... and she doesn't look bad, either... Why is it always the cute ones? He thought. After a few minutea, he broke the peace and decided to speak.

"Well, feel free to walk about. It's not a large ship, but it's reliable, cozy, and now, not so lonely traveling in it." He spoke before catching his wording and cringing inside. Talk about putting your foot in your mouth... He critisized himself.

"You mean it's just you here? Nobody else with you?" She asked, slowly bringing her still-blushing face over to look at him again. To her, he seemed perfect. Average height, broad shoulders, a caring personality, sensitive, and even a toned form! If he was a normal human, he would no doubt be the attraction of females everywhere.

"Yeah. We're currently drifting along the currents of the ocean, headed for Sinnoh and Veilstone City, so feel free to rest up. I'm going to go back up and take the ship to a little spot I know it could hide in." He spoke calmly, standing and walking to the door. "Oh, and please don't mess with my sword." He added, closing it behind him quietly and walking up to the steering column, restarting the engine and slowly accelerating the boat to head to the northeastern shore of Sinnoh. Why am I blushing? He asked himself mentally


Zen walked along the night-covered paths of the forest, Veilstone City within range of her sight. She was beaten and battered, but thanks to her abilities, she was able to get away before any serious injuries could happen. All she needed now was-

A light. A very dim firelight snapped her out of her thoughts. Hastily looking over to the source, she saw what looked like a Human with his hand on fire, but in her enhanced night vision, she easily saw the tail coming from his backside, curiously limping closer. Seeing the Flareon speak to him as he handed her what was left of his submarine sandwich (a concept she could not comprehend), she involuntarily let out a weak, sharp yelp of pain as her left leg seemed to give out from under her, sending her down onto the ground, the last few threads of the bandages holding her breasts compressed against her chest breaking apart. She almost felt like crying from her luck. No matter where she went, bad luck seemed to follow her, spit on her furred face, and even kick her when she was down to send her to new lows in her emotional stability. And so that's what she seemed to do. She merely let her throbbing aches drive her to just lying down, too exhausted to move any more.
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