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Default Re: New Horizons: Dark Arceus [all inclusive mon/trainer/morph/etc][DS]

Hmm, also just noting that I'll probably start indicating location and character at top of post and colour-coding my characters' text too, but that may get tricky later on (you'll see why), so don't expect it to last forever.

Just testing out colours here, keep walking people...

Callisto talking, Callisto thinking
Julien talking, Julien thinking
Riley talking, Riley thinking
Aspen talking, Aspen thinking
Brent talking, Brent thinking
Pine talking, Pine thinking
Desmond (Des) talking, Desmond (Des) thinking
Tori (Troy) talking, Tori (Troy) thinking
Unimportant character talking, Unimportant character thinking
??????? talking, ??????? thinking
??????? talking, ??????? thinking
?????? talking, ??????? thinking
??????? talking, ??????? thinking
other ????????
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