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Default Re: [RP]Pokemon: Realix Academy[RP]

Maximillian Marx
Realix Academy Infirmary

Max lied down on the bed, looking over to Tora, who immediately curled up on his chest protectively. "Actually, Cody, I would recommend you get that arm checked out as well. Could be nothing, but you never know." He said, waiting for the door to fully close before he continued. Sitting up slowly, he looked over to the Raichu. "Tora, why don't you go play?" He asked, watching the Raichu nod before walking over to the Eevee and her Trainer.

"[What's your opinion on Royce, Cody, Sara? I don't know him much, but I think he's involved in this. I never told him my theory that the beast that attacked our class could be responsible for the disappearances of the other students, yet he seemed to outright claim it was responsible. At least, that's what Max is thinking.]" She spoke in her poketongue, knowledgable enough to reduce her noise so that prying ears would not hear, especially the Cinccino if it was pressing an ear against the door. "[Personally, he creeps me out a little.]" She continued, her fur shaking for a bit.

Outside, Faye had perfectly imitated a look of confusion. "Hm? Well, he is a nice kid, but his father is a little protective of him, so he hired me to watch over him. I don't mind it, Maximillian is a nice young man and he respects me as an equal, not just a hired assistant." She started. "As for how I know, I heard plenty of students here talking about you. I must admit, I had not thought one of the illustreous Worthingtons would be here, but I guess it makes sense, this being the top-rated Pokemon academy." She continued, smiling at him before frowning at his last question. "Well, that Maximillian was injured, of course! His father would absolutely have a fit if he couldn't speak to him and make sure he was okay. Now, if you'll excuse me, I must be off and continue my job." She spoke, walking off curtly, dropping her smile once she knew he would not see it. He's a very suspicious kid. She thought to herself, not daring to glance back at him, but keeping her hand near the pokeball on her belt should anything happen.
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