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Default Re: New Horizons: Dark Arceus [all inclusive mon/trainer/morph/etc][DS]

Haha, actually that's a private joke of mine, it's a quote I kinda stole and seemed to have used in every single roleplay I've ever been in ever since . Yeah, sharks to blood and flies to honey would make more sense, but I like keeping up a tradition .

@Whimsicott (and Max)
Max did a great job answering most of your questions, but I'll just double-clarify:

Yes, Julien has some very special powers indeed, which will be further revealed in my next post.

*spits drink* Ohgeesh, I didn't mean to type Alder at all, I meant professor Aspen, and that's exactly why I wanted to type Aspen instead of Alder. He's not the Unova champion at all, Unova isn't even involved in this plot until part 4 and the sequel! Am changing name in posts right now!

Those claims, "giant pokemon," "Pokemon inside a human," weren't by professor Aspen at all, they were by some really freaked out witnesses who have no clue what they saw or what they're talking about. Yes, they're referring to the pokemorphs (Erik and Aria), and only Aspen and his workers know what they are, and are pretty pissed that they escaped...

PS, nice Alien analogy there, and don't be afraid of going into detail, some stuff in this rp will get a little gruesome (parts 3 and 4 in particular), just tell me to stop if it's too much!

Random ramble:
Speaking of the name thing; yes, I know there's an actual trainer named Riley and Elite four Lucian of Sinnoh shares Lucian Dubois's name. No, they are not the same people, nor do my characters even resemble the canon characters, I came up with these characters long before the diamond/pearl games even came out (though trainer Riley did exist, but didn't know about him until my roleplay partner mentioned the name thing about my Riley.)
"See the lost souls in my eyes.
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PS, avatar is my original work!
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