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Default Re: [RP]Pokemon: Realix Academy[RP]

Royce Worthington
Realix Hallways->Infirmary

"Oh, I can't complain, Royce, since I got injured trying to help and all. Just gotta live with it and be more careful." came Maxs' response

Royce feigned a sigh of releif "Well thats good its not to bad then, it seemed that creature was impervious to even super effective attacks, quite odd really. Just lucky no one was taken by the beast" Royce couldnt help an ever so slight frown flash across his face, he regreted it immediately fearing his cover would be blown

"Excuse me, mister... Royce, was it?" spoke a lady standing next to Max, Royce jumped having somehow not noticed this young lady "Would you be the same Royce Worthington I had heard was attending this school?" She asked, a small smile on her face as she curtsied lightly. "My name is Fay. I am master Maximillian's personal-"

"Assistant." Max jumped in "Fay, not a word of this to my father. He'll hear it from me later." spoke Max. Royce noticed something strange in the look he gave her.

"I'll see you later, Royce." farewelled Max

"Indeed you will" Royce replied and turned his attention to the young lady, having become more full of himself for being recognised.

"So, Fay was it?" Royce began "Tell me, what does a young boy like Max need an assistant for hmmm? it would seem someone as welathy as him would have more use of a maid" he questioned in a knowing tone "And you mentioned something about having heard that I was attending this school, forgive me if im wrong but shuldnt only the headmaster and staff know that information? what what exactly are you "not supposed" to tell Maxs' father?, it seem you've some explaining to do" Royce was full of questions now, there seemed to be more going on here than what met the eye and he intended to find out
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