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Default Re: [RP]Pokemon: Realix Academy[RP]

Maximillian Marx
Realix Hallways->Infirmary

"Oh, I can't complain, Royce, since I got injured trying to help and all. Just gotta live with it and be more careful." Max replied, rubbing the back of his head lightly. He was slightly put off by the way Royce jogged over and spoke as if he hadn't just witnessed a strange monster just demolish a classroom, but he decided to hide it from his expression, seeing Tora give a small glance to the Cinccino.

"Excuse me, mister... Royce, was it?" Fay spoke, startling Max with how quiet she had managed to be. "Would you be the same Royce Worthington I had heard was attending this school?" She asked, a small smile on her face as she curtsied lightly. "My name is Fay. I am master Maximillian's personal-"

"Assistant." Max cut into the conversation before she could say "maid". "Fay, not a word of this to my father. He'll hear it from me later." He spoke, giving a knowing look as he walked with Cody into the infirmary. "I'll see you later, Royce." He spoke, leaving Fay standing near Royce, looking at him and waiting for an answer.
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