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Human Sheet:

Name: Virian Androcalese

Age: 22

Gender: Male

Status: Tuner

Appearance: Virian is a picture-perfect specimen of what Adolf Hitler’s dream race of Aryans was: blonde hair, blue eyes, tall, strongly-built—everything a Nazi could ask for. Appearance asides, Virian has no association whatsoever with Nazis or fascism, unless one counts a partially-German ancestry. His lightly-blonde hair, closer to white than to gold, is cut at eye-length, hanging around his ears and just long enough to obscure his eyebrows. His face is decidedly more angular than square, and possesses sharp, hard lines. His eyes are large enough to give the intelligent owl-ish look, but not quite to the point of radiating cuteness like babies or moe anime characters. His skin is pale due to spending most of his time indoors. Virian stands half a head above the average man of his age, sufficient to cast glowering glances from above at standard-height people. Physically, Virian has softly toned muscles and little body fat, due more to not eating much than any kind of serious exercise. His typical wear is a black jacket and loose-fitting pants.

Personality: Virian is a grim-faced man who, at first glance, seems to have been utterly subsumed by the dark force that consumes the human force of creation from the world. He exists alone whenever possible, walks around with eyes turned towards the ground, his face a forbidding mask that entertains neither thought nor emotion as he goes about his business. He does only what is asked of him and never a bit more. He speaks in a low monotone, he moves with a lifeless energy. And yet behind the mask, in the deepest part of the mind where none yet can penetrate, dances a brilliant display of light and sound that rivals the most insane visions LSD ever gave the hippies from an age ago. It is this reality which encompasses Virian’s senses when he closes his eyes, when the silence is permeating the darkness and the world seems poised to swallow him up. Locked up inside his skull the cacophony of music grows without end, resonating in their tight confines as though feeding upon themselves. The thick psychic walls Virian has erected is as much to protect them from the outside world as it is to protect Virian from them, for it a strange form of schizophrenia that afflicts him. It is this part of Virian’s mind, locked away in a metaphorical box, wrapped in chains, encased in concrete and thrown into the deepest chasm in the ocean, where his creativity continues to live, unhindered by the draining gray that permeates reality.

Background: Virian’s family was one of the first to fall to the WAE. As a child, he grew up in the lifeless monotony that the unnamed force from Nexen had warped existence into. His musical talents were suppressed, limited to soft humming and drumming fingers that pretended to play unseen instruments. As the grasp of the WAE grew tighter and tighter, Virian became better and better at locking away his thoughts inside his mind, and soon even the most watchful eye, drawn to suspect the quiet humming of a small child, was placated. And so did Virian exist in this manner for years, until he met the woman that would change all that.

Aeria was a beautiful woman. Those around her did not notice it, perhaps due to the draining effects of the force in Velvod. But for whatever reason, Virian did, and grew captivated by her presence. Eventually he confessed his feelings. Little did Virian imagine that Aeria too, was hiding a hidden talent. Not knowing any others like themselves, the two found themselves alone in an ocean of misery, and this bonded them together as strongly as any glue could. Soon they were married, and found themselves letting their expressions out of their mind for the first time in the privacy of their home, a little at first, but growing more and more each day. That was to be their downfall, for eventually they attracted the attention of the WAE. Virian was the first to be captured. Threatened with death, fear and panic made him do something he would forever regret: he blamed it all on his wife. That same day, Aeria vanished from Virian’s world forever. Now with the trust of the WAE, Virian was commanded to do to others what had been done to him. Escape was further away than ever.

Skills: Obscenely good with electronics, especially computers. The lines of code that make up a program’s command appear like music to him.

Sona Sheet:

Name: Blacknote Singer

Age: 20

Gender: Female

Species: Human

Appearance: Blacknote possesses an exquisite beauty and elegance about herself. Her long, slender frame is topped by a crown of indigo-black hair that flows down her shoulders to her waist in a manner more resembling water than hair. Her face is rounded and smooth, like river stones worn down by millennia of running water, with large eyes nestled deep in the skull that seem to glow. Fine, delicate limbs extend out from her shoulders, coming to a rest on the strings of the instrument locked in position just in front of her waist, a nameless, ornate, golden music machine resembling a Japanese Koto or a Korean Gayageum, but not truly either, decorated with wings that flow to either side that evoke the twirling waves of music cast out from the instrument. The device is attached to Blacknote at the waist by a series of metal legs and splits into two parts and folds up when not in use; it cannot be removed. Blacknote typically wears a long, flowing black dress that hugs close to her body, accentuating the curves before billowing out like an upside-down rose below her knees.

Personality: Expressing the contradictory desires of Virian’s fantasies, Blacknote is at once passive and soft-spoken yet independent and strong-willed. Although willing to be swept along with the tide, should she find a rock she likes she will cling to it without mercy, resisting the attempts of an entire world to turn her away from her chosen path. She can express a maternal kindness that Virian envisioned in his wife where she gives without thought to herself, yet her creator’s fears and his suppressive nature bleed over as well, making her calculating and selfish at times. All in all her personality expresses the schizophrenic nature of her master, and can swing unpredictably in any direction or maintain indefinite stability.

Information: Blacknote was born the same day that Aeria died. She is Virian’s idealized tribute his wife, and as such possesses all fantasized perfections in both appearance and ability; an ideal woman. The combination of being the Sona of a man already unnaturally talented at song and the fantasized abilities of an ultimate musician have given her a musical talent unmatched in reality or Nexen. Due to her young age and subsequent dearth of experience as well as the suppressed abilities of her master, however, she is sorely lacking in practice and knowledge. Having just been born into Umecit, she knows little about the world and is still trying to find her place. Blacknote’s power is not over “sound”, as one might expect, but the more general concept of “pressure”.

Shockwave: Unleashes a massive omnidirectional shockwave, blasting away anything close to Blacknote with massive force. Can be used in rapid succession, as well as directed into a single direction.
Sonic Blade: By twisting and compressing the air around her, Blacknote forms scything invisible blades that fly out and slice a target. The compressed air can also be made less concentrated for a blunt force attack rather than a cutting one.
Shatter: Causes the target to vibrate violently at its resonant frequency. Prolonged exposure causes the target to break apart.
Aria: Blacknote’s music projects an aura of emotions that washes over other Sonas, uplifting her allies with hope and strength while drowning her enemies in despair and misery.
Glide: Blacknote can hover and glide for extended periods of time.


I haven't done one of these in so long I forgot how to put detail in.

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