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Default Re: Kingdom Hearts: Unwritten [RP]

Kian Locke
Light, Ex-Apprentice
Everlastia, Male Dorms

Within one of the many rooms inside the section that was the "Male Dormitories", Kian Locke was sitting at a desk, scribbling within a small, leather-bound book. The furious scrapings of his fountain pen echoed across the clean, tidy room, Kian being a rather organised and fussy person. This was understandable, due to the fact that, being brought up within a family of Mages, structure and organisation had been "burnt" into his brain. This, therefore, created the need to have all within the room carefully placed, such as the spell-books stacked inside of the book-cases, the neat folding of his duvet on his bed, the cleanliness of the room altogether. Kian often thought of this desire to organise to be a problem, so there was always the splotch of ink on his desk to assure himself that he was sane, and that the organisation had become a normal part of his life.

Sighing, Kian leaned back in his wooden chair, his pale blue eyes staring into the ceiling. He thought that, out of random curiosity, that if he was to stare for long enough, perhaps he might have been able to shoot fine beams of energy towards his focus points on the wall above him - alas, it was never to happen, due to the fact that the only magic he knew were those that involved his hands. Also, the thought was just a random one, created to distract him from the work he was scribbling inside of the book.

He looked down to the writing in the book, allowing his brain to be filled again by his own information. Currently, Kian was working on a new spell and, being the magician that he was, it was turning out rather nicely. He had noted down the details of the spell, the investigations into it and the experimenting. It was a lot like science, yet this was magical - literally. Smiling, Kian closed the book, not wishing to further write about the spell, but wanting to summon it instead. Holding his palms out, facing the ceiling, words began to flow out of his mouth, each sound made repeating and echoing throughout the room as his magical aura infused themselves into each spoken word.

Upon finishing his words, there was a deathly silence, the air filled with static, as the aura began to flood the room. Kian just sat there, staring intently into his palms as he awaited the next part of the spell. Closing his eyes, he opened his mouth, two separate coloured mists departed from his body. The white mist flowed towards his left palm, whereas the black edged towards his right, both repelling away from each other, not once touching throughout the whole spell. Kian gulped hard upon the department of both mists, as they separately molded into the form of two liquid-like spheres. Water streamed down from his eyes due to the uncomfortableness of the recently played out spell.

This was all Kian had created of the spell, but he had planned to combine the two spheres that now floated above his palms. The white was the power of light, whereas the dark represented the darkness. The two sides constantly fought, but was there a way to combine these two powers to create a force stronger than both? Kian was sure that there was something in between the two sides, a mixture of both - whatever the colour grey was to represent.

Lifting his palms up, he guided the two spheres towards each other, wanting to see the reaction of an attempt to combine the two together. Upon nearing one another, the two forces seemed to repel from one another, their liquid-like form bending around and, finally, the two ending up on the opposite palms. A small barrier separates the two, but how are we to overcome it? Kian was a deep thinker, obsessed with wanting to know the ins and outs of many topics - this being a key one.

Closing his palms, the two forces just seemed to unexist, Kian beginning to worry about the dark aura within the room. Since his last master had been exiled, he was rather tempted to study the dark-side of magic. Yet, unlike Master Kaan, Kian wasn't obsessed with it, he only found it to be an interesting magic, although he kept clear of it, not wanting to be drawn into a deep darkness.

Pushing his chair in, Kian looked outside of the window opposite from his, the light of the day shining in and warming his skin. Ever since Master Kaan had left, the Elders had refused to give him another to teach him, they being too worried that Kian may influence a new master, and other pupils, to learn the dark-side of magic. Yet, this was not so. So many times had Kian and Kaan fought over the teachings of dark magic - the master attempting to teach it and the apprentice refusing. However, the Elders would not see it any other way, so they left him master-less, an Apprentice never to gain ranks within the Guild again. Although, Kian felt that if he were to combine the two opposites together, he may be allowed to rise in ranks within the Guild, possibly become a Master and mentor students.

Shaking his head to banish the thought, Kian decided to live in the moment, making his way towards the door in his room and opening it. He had planned to go outside and to enjoy the sunshine, possibly socialise with others within the guild. However, upon reaching the bright, sunny atmosphere that was outside, Kian was intrigued by a large group crowding around the Tree of Blessings, the centerpiece within the Guild. Making his way towards the tree, the large crowd looking up to the black leaves. This wasn't normal, Kian's eyes raising in interest. However, this expression soon disappeared, as Kian began to think of the consequences this would create - one of them possibly being that the blame may be put on him, an Ex-Apprentice with little knowledge of dark magic, by the Elders.

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