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Default Re: New Horizons: Dark Arceus [all-inclusive mon/morph/trainer/wild/etc]

Cody & Sara,
Early Evening

Cody walked in the door and jaws dropped. He walked up to the counter, and jaws dropped. Then he noticed: 'Oh yeah, Sara.' as he glanced down at his friend, smiling. The flareon was happy, she was smiling at the longing, jealous, and hateful eyes of the humans. Cody sighed, 'If only they knew.'

Cody walked up and ordered a foot long sub from the clerk, who was too busy staring at Sara half the time and forgot to toast the sub. The sub was still cold as he and Sara sat back at the bench, only a brisk walk from the sub place. Cody then noticed the sub was not toasted, and sighed. Looking around, he made sure nobody was around. It was later now, the moon had taken the sun's place. The only lights in the square were far enough away that they sat in the shadows. Though the small red flame that Cody lit in his palm illuminated the two slightly, it cooked the sub as he moved his hand under the sub. When all parts where a golden brown, he set down the wrapper in front of Sara along with half of the sub. She munched happily on it, taking large bites. Cody just nibbled on his, not really hungry.

"[You gonna eat that?]" Sara asked, Cody responding with a shake of the head and setting down the half left of his share. She quickly ate most of it.

Early Evening
(That's all! I will now be putting the time both at the start and end of each post, and if I switch characters. I think this will help with orgaization, as well as not having to search through the post for a time. I would like it if you did so also, and if you want to, copy my transition-thing. Of course, if you don't want to, you do not need to.

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