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Reserve for now, im tired and I'll work on my Sona SU later :>

Human Sheet:

Name: Graham Cullen

Age: 22

Gender: Male

Status: Tattu Devient


Graham is what one would call drop-dead gorgeous. His body is a temple of nigh-on impeccable fitness and toned physique, and he sure as hell looks after it. His clothing varies, but he can usually be seen in a pair of smart, bootcut jeans with a button up shirt of varying colours. Nine times out of ten he will wear smart black shoes, and he is always carrying some form of bag, from a backpack to a manbag. On the odd occasion he dress's down, its usually some kind of shorts and a polo shirt, with some form of trainers. Either way, whatever he wears he always looks smart. He has a collection of small bands around his right wrist, prayer beads and some metal bangs that clink whenever he walks. Both his ears are pierced with black studs, and he has his right helix pierced too, a simple silver loop earing dangling from it. On his right pectorial muscle, the end of some kind of tribal tattoo can be seen undernearth the shirt.


Graham used to have a very outgoing personality. The combination of good looks, and his skills in Parqour made him a very popular individual, particularly with the ladies. He never had any problems talking to people, making new friends and going out socializing. He was full of cofidence and soul, the life of a party. Much of that personality still remains, as he is still very friendly and outgoing, with as positive an outlook on life as he can. Its just these days he has to be very careful about whom he trusts and how outgoing he is too certain people. Due to the recent events he has withdrawn more in himself and is much more reflectant on life and problems. Instead of rushing into things all the time he is now much more likely to sit and consider all the possible outcomes of a potential situation.

This new thought-process and personality change has meant he lost a lot of his old friends, due to them not liking the new Graham. Conviniently, these were friends he wasn't too upset to lose, as they were the type that had no worries in life. Still, Graham sometimes suffers from loneliness when he has been travelling alone for too long. He still hasnt got used to not having people around him all the time, and can even sometimes be heard talking to himself, just for the company. This does not however mean he is insane, more the fact he is growing up and learning to deal with being alone. as these are all life lessons that he needed to learn.


Graham has always been an active and creative individual, even before the incidents happened. He is particularly well-versed in Parqour, hence being a Tattu Devient. He has engaged in Parqour all his life, loving the feeling of freedom that it gives him. He made a living being a street performer for a while, until the events that shut down the open Devients occured, and he had to hide himself away. He hasn't lived with his parents for many years now, having left at the tender age of fifteen to engage in this free lifestyle of Parqour. He longs to know what became of them, but when he returned home not so long ago, his parents had long since moved, the new residents not knowing where they had gone to. Grahams goal for the moment, abliet a small one on the grand scale of things is to find and make sure his parents are okay. For now, he travels and keeps a low profile, avoiding the WAE at whatever cost.


Hand to Hand Combat: Graham has learnt a lot on his travels, perhaps most importantly how to fight and look after himself. He has picked up a lot of different martial arts along the way, some including Jui-jitsu, Tai Chi, Kickboxing, Kung Fu, Tai Boxing, Sutai, Muay Thai, Krav Maga and others. He can incoperate what he has learnt and take the deadliest parts from each art.

Professional Parqour: Graham has been partaking in Parqour his entire life, and as a result not only is he in prime physical condition, he is a Parqour professional. He is one of the most agile people around, and can get from A to B in an astonishingly short time.

Higher IQ: Graham is lucky enough to have a higher than average IQ, giving him the ability to problem solve, piece together puzzles or work out how something works at a greater rate than other people.

Sona Sheet:

Name: Ganz

Age: 20

Gender: None, reproduces A-sexually, but will answer to 'Him'

Species: Trygon


Ganz is perhaps one of the most alien looking things around. It literally looks like a thing from the deepest darkest most hellish nightmare. With the vasy array of weapons, slashing claws and a million other evil looking implements, Ganz really does depict death and destruction. His total length is over fifteen metres long, but when he is coiled up normally he stands at about nine metres tall. In a very twisted way, Ganz reflects Grahams agility and ability for freedom of movement. He is extremerly agile too, moves very fast and in fact his body is built for speed. The fluid motions he makes whilst chasing his prey are mesmerising too watch, and it is for this reason that he is perhaps Grahams Sona. Ganz looks and plays every part the perfect predator. Not much escapes from him when he sets his sights on it.


Ganz is quite the polar oppiste of his appearence personality wise. He is very protective over weaker Sona's, and looks out for his friends relentlessly. If you gain Ganz's trust you have a friend for eternity, ableit it is quite hard to gain his trust in the first place. Ganz is quite quiet in general, the opposite of what Graham used to be. In fact he even goes so far as to distance himself from others to reduce the amount of time has to spend with other Sonas.





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