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Here's what I have for now, will finish later...

The Girl
Name: Allen "Al" Whiteflower
Age: 17
Gender: Female
Status: Tungz Deviant
Appearance: Al is a tiny thing, standing in at about about 5' 2" and a thin body often obscured by her clothing. She's often described as being simply pale all-around where physical features come into question, with very light skin and blonde hair so pale the it's almost white that hangs to about her shoulders and it messily cut so that the length actually varies, while her wide, childish eyes are an odd shade of light, blue-tinted gray. Even while tryin to blend in, Al kind of sticks out, mostly because her ever-present black jacket has an almost extreme turtleneck that covers a lot of her face, stopping just a little below her eyes , though it's only zipped up to just under her nose, mostly meant to hide the massive blue ink outline of a rose tattooed to her right cheek, though she tends to walk with her head down, so most down notice it because her hood hides it from view. Her hood also manages to hide a pair of earbuds that are constantly in her ears, blasting music from an MP3 player that should long ago have been confiscated, but she's managed to keep safe, and in running condition, and the jacket itself is somewhat big on her, the sleeves exceeding a few inches past her fingertips. Under her hoodie, Al wears a plain gray, long-sleeved t-shirt along with a pair of beat up and faded form-fitting jeans with worn, bright blue hightop shoes. Along with all of this, she carries a black and white checkered backpack.
Personality: Al is most often quiet and reserved in public, ever wary of people and harboring a severe hated of the WAE since they are the reason for every single thing bad that has ever happened in her life--why she can't sing everywhere she goes, why her brother raised her rather than her parents for almost as long as she could remember, why her brother and sister are gone, why she has to constantly hide her severe need for music, and probably why her need for music is so severe in the first place. Al needs music like most normal people need air to breathe and water to drink, without it, she completely freaks out. As long as her MP3 player is on, and playing in the background(though how she can hear and respond to those around her is a total mystery to those who know about it) she acts amlost completely normal--warm and kind, if a bit absentminded. She hates seeing people in trouble and despises physical conflict, and tries to Suggest both her friends and her way out of trouble before even thinking about fighting...well, unless you try to take her MP3 player away. She will go completely insane on you for that.
Background: Al barely remembers her mother and father, they were taken by the WAE for hiding Deviants when she was six, their sister, Symph, was three and her brother, Grim was ten. Before the day her parents were taken, her life was filled with light and sound and happiness, as the Deviants that they hid were often lively people who loved to share their abilities with the Whiteflower children. While Grim easily picked up as a Tuner, Al immediately fell for singing, loving the ability to speak and the feel of words in her mouth. Up until the day her parents were taken, Al was normal, it was when the house was ransacked and everyone inside was taken away that the girl's severe need for music began, and she began to rely on the MP3 player that had belonged to a Tuner she had befriended, given to her just before the kids were hidden away and told not to come out until they could wait no more. It was then Grim who took over, raising both of his sisters. They scraped out their lives on the streets, learning how to use their abilities to their advantage, and as they met other kids like them, they formed the gang that would later become known as the Blue Roses. They called themselves a gang, but they were really just a group of Deviants who stuck together and pulled some kind of crazy stunt once in awhile--graffiti a wall on occasion, hold "invisible" flash mob-style events in packed public places in effort to try and inpire others again, and it was one of their few efforts more recently that stole Grim and Symph from her. They were holding one of their flash mobs when the WAE came tearing in and started taking all identifiable Deviants. The group scattered, Al getting away getting away with two of Grim's best friends, a Graphix tattoo artist known as Argeno Balk and his Tattu girlfriend, Shiba Set, but Grim and symph didn't come to find her and Al couldn't find them. The WAE had gotten her brother and sister. That was three months ago, now she's living a much more quiet life with Argeno and Shiba, hoping that maybe she can find a way to get her brother and sister back.
Suggestion: Al can alter people's perceptions of things by simply suggesting something, although it may take a few passes or mentions of what she's trying to get them to percieve, though can do it while making the exchage seem like a normal conversation(For example, making people think they knew her to get somewhere, then making them forget they ever saw her). It takes more time and more complex suggestions on people with stronger minds.
Projection: Al can get straight to the heart of a song, enough to the point that those within hearing range will be emotionally affected by the song that she's singing.

Her Sona
Name: Shiri Namida
Age: 20-ish
Gender: Female
Species: Siren (In this case, a being made completely of water known for their beautiful voices that are capable of entrancing and calling other being to them; most reputably to their deaths, and have the ability to imitate other being's appearances, but can only settle on one--in Shiri's case, a human)
Appearance: Shiri *Not mine!
Shiri, although in her almost never-shown true form simply looks like puddle of water(which often tends to take a shape similar to that of her settled form, just completely see-through), has settled into a completely human appearance. In this form, she appears as a young woman in her late teens to early twenties with fair skin, lower back length pale pink hair(which tends to look as though it's drifting in water to a small degree), and ocean blue eyes. She is most often seen wearing a white dress knee-length edged in a black gauzy fabric and a held to her by a black camisole-like bit that appears to be layered under the strapless white top part of the dress, and with the dress, Shiri wears a pair of black boots that lace up to her mid-calf.
Personality: Shiri is everything her creator should have been, friendly and sweet as well as very outgoing, she's the kind of person it's pretty easy to like. She loves hanging out with those she counts friends(and she's pretty quick to count just about everyone she gets a good vibe from) and loves singing even more, especially taking songs that she's heard from Al and giving them her own personal twist to help Al out. However, a few of Al's traits are shared with Shiri, as she can be rather absentminded at times to the point people who don't know her might wonder how she lives from day to day. Also, she dislikes conflict, particularly the physical kind, and tends to use her abilities accordingly to try and cause distractions and disorient her opponents so she can try to escape or help her keep her allies from getting hurt.
Information: Shiri was initially created when Al first discovered her love for music, but her form only settled shortly after Al received her MP3 the night her house was rnasacked and her parents and all the other Deviants inside taken away. She happened to discover a foreign song on it, and the album cover picture showed a pretty, pink-haired girl in a white dress and boots, and it was that moment that Shiri's form settled. She's been fighting hard against the WAE since the beginning, not through physical combat, but song as her Deviant's thoughts began to drift more and more into her head. Knowing that her inability to sing would drive her crazy, Shiri has taken it upon herself to be the strong one of the two and is constantly singing or humming a tune, or working out something dealing with song. She's taken great care to keep herself out of the WAE's hands through use of her defensive abilities. Both she and Al want to change things, but it definitely seems like Shiri is the more capable one, and she's not a fighter, but a defender and a sneaker.
Calling: Can forcefully bring other beings in earshot to her through song, note that this will NOT work on anything that is deaf, and can be resisted/broken if the being finds a way to avoid hearing the song early on or if something else prevents them from hearing it further.(Shiri HATES using this, and is a concious ability. Not everything she sings will cause everything in hearing range to flock to her unless she WANTS it to.)
Body of Water: Being made of water, Shiri can conciously manipulate the molecules of her body like such for a multitude of purposes. Some of these include slipping through small openings, multiple defense purposes, and on occasion, to attack.
Manipulation of Voice: Much in the fashion of her Tungz Devaint creator, Shiri has a complex mastery of her own voice. Unlike her creator, however, she can alter it as though running it through a computer program to change different aspects of it to serve in ways one might find unimaginable. (ex.: Making the pitch obscenely high to serve as a distraction, make it carry long distances, make it carry only short distances, etc.) Just as most of her abilities, Shiri often only uses it as a defense.
Other: She's fairly cold to the touch, has a low tolerance for heat. She is very close to Al, as her Deviant's grip on reality tends to slip A LOT. She's also heavily inspired by Luka Megurine and 'her' song Just be Friends(This song is Japanese techno, be forewarned, translation on the video)

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