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Default Re: Kingdom Hearts: Unwritten [RP]

Varied, Apprentice
Everlastia, Library

Anastasia's footsteps echoed sharply through the empty polished halls of the library, tapping out staccato notes with each connectiont hey made with the floor. It was the only sogn of her presence that was detectable in the building. She slipped in and out of the rows like a phantom and only made the slightest breath of wind with her passing. Unlike many of the students who liked to wander the library, she actually had someplace to be. Nothing of great importance, but she hated to keep her Master waiting outside for too long.

"Anastasia," the Doctor suddenly said, turning around sharply. His eyes were wide with surprise. "I believe I have left my book back at the Library. Could you please go get it for me? It is in the medical section."

She nodded wordlessly and turned back, jogging back up the marble steps to the gilded doors. She opened them and slipped inside.

For a little while now she had been wandering. She knew how to get to the medical section, but first she had to pass through the section that contained the world books. She could feel their presence as she flipped through their shelves. The hearts of the worlds thrummed vibrantly in tune with her own, pulsating such rich and subtle power that it made the hairs on her neck stand up. She knew other students could not feel a thing, but she was sensitive to such energies. The books called to her, trying to get her to tocuh them. To open their pages and disappear forever. Some of the worlds even had darkness in them, and she could feel that darkness on her tongue like a piece of melting candy.

She finally breathed easier when she slipped out of the world's section and into the regular, non-magical books of the guild. She could feel these books too, but to a much lesser extent.

Why does Lightfinger make us go find silly paper-book for him? Ranna complained as they walked farther and farther from the siren call of the different worlds. We not his dog going to fetch stick-bone. She hardly used titles or names in her thinking and tended to make up words of her own.

Anastasia ignored her, or tried to. Every waking minute of the day she could feel the presence of her Nobody and Heartless in the back of her head, like two people who were constantly looking over her shoulder.

For once the psycho has a point, Isataxansa spoke up, unable to slip in a jibe. It was his book, make him go find it.

That would be rude, was all Anastasia said in reply. After all, not only was this man her Master but he also rescued her and was largely the reason why she hadn't gone insane by now from all the constant nagging and chattering in her head. The least she could do was find his book. She walked down the aisles, looking back and forth at the titles and trying to find the right one. It then hit her that her Master had not even given her the book's name.

Oh what a friggin surprise that is! Isa yelled, mentally throwing her hands up.

Anastasia frowned, going over her conversation with Caesura again. She wondered if she missed a sentence or him telling her a clue about exactly where the book might be, but all she came up with was a blank. She frowned, her eyebrows dipping low over her mismatched eyes. Why had her Master sent into the Library but had neglected to tell her what it was she needed to retreive? Did he need to send her away to do something by himself? It seemed unlikely, because he had always told her when he needed to be alone.

And do you think he'll tell you everything? Isataxansa remarked caustically.

She would look awfully stupid if she wandered back into the courtyard to asked her Master exactly what book he had wanted. She sighed and jammed her thumb against her temple, trying to think. Then an idea bubbled up in her mind. She chewed her lip for a moment, shuddering at the thought.

Do it, Ranna hissed in delight. Lightfinger has good light-kind-heart smell, Ranna find him.

No, I will. Anastasia snapped back and sighed, relaxing some of her control she had on her mind. Immediately Isa and Ranna started fighting her for dominance, but she was used to wrestling control from them. When she opened her eyes again her right eye was shot through with streaks a glowing yellow. Suddenly she could sense the hearts of everyone around her, even those whom were outside. Those hearts seemed very tasty right now, actually.

She started to walk again, inhaling deeply. She could smell her teacher's scent on these bookshelves and taste the imprints of energy he left behind. He tasted like sunshine and oranges, shot through with good-pure-light-heart energy that Ranna started to whine. Anastasia frowned, and then looked up. Above her head, just barely sticking out of the top shelf, was a book. She went to her tiptoes and pulled it down, and immediately she knew it was the one. Fascinating Medical Herbs and their Effects on the Human Body. Caesura's scent was fresh, not from ten minutes ago, and his energy saturated the pages, showing that he had had the book for quite some time. But why had it been put on a shelf? If he had just accidently left it behind it ould have been lying on a table or somewhere else just as careless.

Shaking off the thoughts--and her Heartless--she quickly made her way back the way she came. Again the books of worlds called to her, but she went through them without a fuss whiled Ranna moaned and whined and begged her to open one just a peek. The librarian simply gave her a look as she walked out into the bright sunlight. She winced and made her way down the steps and noticed that Caesura had not moved an inch from where she had last seen him.

"I was wondering what kept you," the Doctor said with a smile once she was close enough. "I thought that perhaps yuo had gotten lost." His eyes fell upon the book and widened. "How did you know this was the right book?" he asked, taking it from her. "I never gave you its name."

A chill crept up her spine. He did that on purpose? To what end? Told ya! Isa yelled victoriously from the back of her head. "I...I just knew it was the right one," she replied, trying not to make her voice tremble.

"How?" Doctor Caesura asked, sounding more surprised than suspicious.

Well, she couldn't say that she had tracked down his scent like a wolf hunting down a wounded deer. Perhaps a little bending of the truth wouldn't hurt. "I could sense your energy in the book," she said, which really was true. "I followed it right to the source."

The Docotr's eyebrows were practically in his hairline. "You can sense energy that well? Amazing," he replied tucking the book under one arm. "Well, that sort of backfired on me. This was meant to be a lesson. The morale was to not undertake a mission without uncovering the full details first. It seems you got the better of me however."

"Oh." Was all she could say. She wans't sure if she had done good or bad. Behind her Master, she could see a large amount of students gathering under the Tree of Blessings. This was nothing unusual, but she could immediately tell that something was wrong. Ranna's finely honed instincts saw agitation in their movements and voices. "Master, I think something's happening over there," she said, pointing.

The Doctor turned with a frown, and after a moment started to walk, gesturing for her to follow. As they grew closer she could see many of the students pointed upwards at something in the tree's leaves. She followed the fingers and could not see anything; that is, until she got closer. When they were directly under the tree, mingling with the crowd, she saw that a patch of the eternally white leaves had darkened, dripping darkness and shadows and evil like a great beast salivating. That darkness reached into her heart and tugged, whispering to the dark part of her soul.

In her mind, Ranna uncoiled and hissed. Yeesss, sweet darkness-flesh. Rippling balm, it feels so good. Comforting, relaxing, want to dive into it.

Yeah, not happening, Isataxansa replied, her cool, calculating voice pulling Anastasia away from the darkness' entreaty. Seriously though, how did that get there?

"What is going on?" Caesura said, his voice sharp and worried. "When did this appear?"

((Oh my sweet gods, a long post. I can die happy now. ^_^ ))
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