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Default Re: New Horizons: Dark Arceus [all-inclusive mon/morph/trainer/wild/etc]

"A Darkrai?" Jenny's curiosity was piqued as the one word caught her eye as she scrolled down the news page. The news of the criminal Riley had only just hit her school in Hearthome, and rumors began to permeate the low mutterings between its students.
A single criminal didn't interest her much, but the mention of a legendary Pokemon pulled her in completely. She wondered how in the world that kind of Pokemon could fall into the hands of what she viewed was a petty thief, and started to feel a little jealous of him for being able to get that close to such a wonder...

A bell broke the silence of her school library, and signaled the end of the day. Jenny hurried to put away her belongings, turned off the computer, and started on her way home.

"I'm sorry, but you can't expect me to always be ready to assist you," Jenny overheard from a voice she remembered as one of the school's professors. She edged closer to her him continue the conversation, "I have some more important matters to attend to this weekend, and will be out of town for the next few days."
"But we need your help tomorrow," said another voice, "You're the only one we have with the expertise on the Porygon that Mr. Backlot's butler is going to let us study. It's your field; what could be more important?"
"It's my niece's birthday in two days, and I promised her I would get her a Pokemon egg just for the occasion," the professor explained, "I have to go pick up the egg at Solaceon by tomorrow, and get it to her at Veilstone on the following day."
"Well, that's a shame," the other person said, "I guess we'll just have to-"
"I'll help," She interjected, imposing her presence on their conversation. The two turned their heads to her, surprised.
"I can deliver the egg for you and your niece," Jenny continued, "That way you can help your colleagues with the Porygon."
A few moments of silence passed as they considered the new opportunity she had dropped on their laps.
"Alright," the professor accepted, "I'll call the daycare to let them know you'll take the egg, and give you the address for my niece's house."
Jenny nodded and smiled; she was on good terms with her professor, and had gained a reputation of doing favors for others.
"Are you sure you're okay with this?" her professor asked, "It's quite a long way to Veilstone, and you've never been there before..."
"Don't worry, I'll find a way to get there," Jenny assured.

As soon as she got home, she packed her bag with supplies, took out her Pokemon, and brought up a map of her route.
"Okay, East to the river, past the Lost Tower... straight road north to Solaceon... then turn East at the Cafe Cabin..." Jenny marked her map as she prepared herself with the directions.
She briefly let out all her Pokemon, told them about their errand, and recalled them to their Pokeballs.
"Look's like everything's ready... time to go," and with that, Jenny took off on her bike and headed for Hearthome's East exit.
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