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Default Re: Individual RP: ChainReaction01 (Woods)

(OOC: Late post is late. Sorry ._.)


Ranger Ivy Frost


Jathan said that he indeed liked Pokémon at their lowest form with a few stutters that made her smile while her head was turned. It was amusing to watch him squirm. She really didn't know why he was so nervous around her. She could seem intimidating, she supposed, but she really only liked to have a good time. Ever since the Deckbi incident, she had learned to be comfortable with who she was, and if her confidence intimidated others, she didn't really know how to fix it.

He then said that he'd like to go down the other path, away from the Ninjask. As soon as the bug saw he wasn't interested, it buzzed off into the trees and out of sight, thankfully leaving in peace. Jathan then pulled out a voice disk, only this one was very shiny and sleek-looking. She recognized it as one of the high-definition disks that the Park had given out at special events. Supposedly it had a better quality, so it attracted the Pokémon inscribed on the disk easier.

He played it, and she heard the call of a Scyther ring out into the area. The green mantis would definitely be a prize to raise, and if the disk attracted one, it would surely put up a good fight. They were known for being fierce battlers. She let the sound soak into the trees and mist through the air before heading down the darker path as Jathan directed.

“A Scyther huh? Nice choice,” she commented.

It was much harder to see down this way, but if Jathan was looking for a Scyther, this was definitely the path to take. The canopy overhead pretty much drowned all light coming from the sun, and the road was dark and silent. A twig snapped here and there, and leaves rustled and blew along with the wind. Her senses were on high alert despite knowing the Park was relatively safe.

A chirping behind them made Ivy stop, and she peered through the dark carefully. The trees were closer together, making a blanket of black coat everything. Then, a rustling sounded, and she thought she caught some sort of color flash. There were a few clicks before something whooshed out onto the path behind them.

The insect Pokémon was a darker shade of red, like her hair. It had a curly black mustache and black wings sitting on its back, although she didn't know how often this Pokémon actually flew. Blade-like arms swung innocently but still dangerously at its sides.

“Any care for a Kricketune?” she asked.


Current Battle Stats:

??? ??? Kricketune: 100%


Trainer Stats

Name: Chainy
Location: Woods
13 Encounters Remaining
Hi-Def Scyther Disk: 1/5
Area Effects: It's nice out.
Pokémon Encountered: Ninjask, Kricketune
Pokémon Captured: None
MCR: 0/9,000 [Uncommon Rank]

Items: 4x Park Ball; 4x SuperBall; 4x HyperBall; 2x Calming Fragrance Plus; 19x PokeDoll; 5x Honey; Squirtbottle; Pokeplayer; Digital Camera; Blank Disk x2; 7x Lava Cookie; Park Pass; Status Bomb x2; Love Potion; Max Revive x2; Premium Honey; Pax-A-Punch; Digital Camera Zoom Lens; Heal Potion; 4x Full Heal; 2x Max Potion; Supreme Park Ball; Glossy Lens; High-Def Voice Disk (Scyther)

Pokémon Stats

Dual the Gallade (Male)
Serious Nature
Justified DW Ability
HM/TM: HM01-Cut, HM04-Strength, HM05-Flash, HM08-Rock Smash, TM06-Toxic, TM24-Thunderbolt, TM26-Earthquake, TM33-Reflect, TM44-Rest, TM45-Thunder Wave, TM48-Rock Slide, TM50-Substitute, TM58-Psych Up, TM59-Hidden Power[ROCK], TM60-Sunny Day, TM65-Rain Dance, TM67-Endure, TM71-Return, TM72-Shadow Ball, TM76-Sleep Talk, TM82-Attract, TM88-Focus Punch, TM93-Bulk Up, TM95-Taunt, TM96-Light Screen, TM98-Brick Break, TM101-Rock Tomb, TM102-Aerial Ace, TM103-Torment, TM106-Skill Swap, TM107-Snatch, TM117-Drain Punch, TM118-Will-o-Wisp, TM123-Recycle, TM126-Stone Edge, TM132-X-Scissor, TM134-Cross Poison, TM139-Trick Room, TM147-Low Sweep, TM159-Bulldoze
BM/SM/MT: Confuse Ray, Shadow Sneak, Ice Punch, Fire Punch, Pain Split, Encore, Thunderpunch, Wish, Mean Look, Mirror Coat, Vacuum Wave, Disable, Destiny Bond, Trick, Memento, Zen Headbutt, Magic Coat

Koma the Bisharp (Male)
Brave Nature
Defiant Ability
HM/TM: HM01-Cut, TM06-Toxic, TM45-Thunder Wave, TM50-Substitute, TM64-Protect, TM95-Taunt, TM98-Brick Break, TM125-Rock Polish, TM126-Stone Edge, TM132-X-Scissor
BM/SM/MT: Psycho Cut, Sucker Punch

Saya the Ninetales (Female)
Gentle Nature
DW Drought Ability
HM/TM: TM22-Solarbeam, TM50-Substitute, TM64-Protect, TM108-Energy Ball, TM111-Overheat


“Ooooh, can we go by the Butterfree exhibit dad?” Chain asked. “I just love when they tickle my nose.”
-"Day at the Zoo" by Bumblebee

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