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Default Re: [RP]Pokemon: Realix Academy[RP]

Cody Moon
Realix Hallways

"I don't know. But it did seem that my attack, I've dubbed it Classico by the way, did some damage to the beast." Cody thought back, remembering the slight pain on the monster's face when the vine ignited. "I'll come with you." he said, his tail wagging slightly behind him.

"[Cody is almost the same. But with him, it's if someone needs help, he's not going to miss it for the world.]" Sara said, sighing and loooking at the ground. "[That's gotten us into a lot of trouble, and it looks like he just got us into more.]" Sara finished, hopping up to a nearby windowsill just long enough to catch a glimpse of the beautiful day outside, though it was a bit windy beacuse of the trees swinging back and forth.

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