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Default Re: {RP} Sonic: Distant Worlds {RP}

OOC: It lives again! *cue lightning, thunder, and creepy music* ...Now I just gotta get back in the mindset...

Luna and Nadia

"I...I'm not sure you understand. Specializing in air magic like I do makes it that much more difficult to learn more and effectively use complex spells of any other kind... And then there's the fact I'm just bothered by darkness in general, and I just feel bad, not being able to do anything to help..." The younger panther rubbed the back of her head, Luna patted her shoudler gently.

"No different from me, Nadia." She said softly. She only halfway paid attention to the conversation between Sage and Etel until addressed her. She turned to the red panda and forced a smile. "I wouldn't mind sparring with you, as I've stated before. It gives me something to do rather than nothing. Doing nothing will drive me insane..." The fox's tail swished back and forth agitatedly.

"Just hope you're good at dodging." Nadia piped up quickly.


"I know a little bit of Darkorns." Sola admitted slowly, noticing the catch in Sara's last sentence. Somebody didn't like teamwork. Then she noticed the grinding of the teeth. "Keep grinding your teeth like that and you'll not be able to use them to eat later on." She told the squirrel airily before setting off to walk again. "Now to find these Darkorns..."

OOC: Ugh, suckyness. This feels sooooo weird writing for this RP after so long...

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