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I don't know, Holly. You have to pick it yourself. I don't even have one...Grassy spent most of her time picking themes for Skye. The way she does it is that they have a "main theme", and then two "secondary themes". Grassy?
Mmmhmm. Holly, he's right. The main theme usually stays with someone except under extraordinary situations. Secondary themes switch all the time. Of course, the secondary themes I raise or lower depending on which one is more relevant. For example, Skye's two secondary themes are listed for Shift as

"Six Gun Quota"
"Animal I Have Become"

but in Infection they are switched. That's because "Animal I Have Become" is more relevant to Skye at that point XP

...I need a theme.
Maybe "The Fever" by Garth Brooks? It's a fun song XD

I love how Grassy breaks out into a random lecture. She needs to pay more attention to use, though...

I have at least one secondary song. Tell me, anyone heard of the band Skillet?

I'm the only one who makes you mad? Not true. I recall a certain Scizor...

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