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Default Re: Character Chat

I don't think you really need to right now, Nazo. ^^'

Holly: Ooh, really? O.O *starts bouncing* What's my theme? What's my theme? XD

Stryk: Up till now, I pretty sure you're the one who's made me mad. >.>

Helio: Wonder why that is. *chuckles*

*nods at Cyclo* Right, you should definitely listen to Mitsumae.

Speaking of boys and girls, why do they seem to outnumber us in your teams? B'

Umm...I don't know. I guess I have a big brother complex? oO

Chip: You don't have a big brother.

*sighs* I know. Being the oldest of four, you kinda start to wish you had someone to look out for you. -_-
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