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Nice concept: original AND awesome. Not two adjectives one can often use to describe an RP together.

Name: Dr. Gregory Matthew 'Doc' Xanatos, M.D., PhD.

Age: 30

Gender: Male

Status: Enginez (Deviant)

Appearance: Dr. Xanatos wears an omnipresent lab coat, concealing his extrodinarily fit body. Xanatos wears thin framed glasses that make him look, surprisingly, more attractive. Doc has curly brown hair that is kept short, lest it grow into an afro. He has a slightly tan complexion, with deep eyes that can never seem to decide what color (or shade, to WAE) they are. The only indication that he is a deviant is a slight twinkle in his eye.

Personality: Dr. Xanatos is very different, even for a deviant. At first glance, he seems drab, gray, boring, the epitome of normalacy. He goes about his life seemingly unhindered by the WAE, acting as a medical man to and for all. He eats when everyone else does, reads when everyone else does, and so forth.

However, this was a forced adaptation, enforced by Dr. Xanatos himself. For Xanatos is extremely intelligent, with Holmesian deductive prowess and a capacity to make things nearly always go his way. He is always scrupulously careful not to let this show, however, knowing this would mark him as he is: a deviant. But Xanatos has, as he always does, a plan...

Background: Xanatos is a very mysterious individual, with little known about him, even to me...

Leadership: Xanatos is an excellent leader and manager, though he loathes admitting it.
Scalpel Weaponry: Xanatos taught himself to weild scalpels in close combat and in throwing, making it possible to fight off many with weapons that first appear to be tools allowed with him.
Pistol Weilding: Xanatos may have sworn the Hippocratic Oath, but he is still a crackshot with this thing: he can hit a fly's wing on a wall 150 yards away without killing said fly.
Stealth: Doc can fly under the radar of the WAE.

Sona Sheet:

Name: Dos

Age: 10

Gender: Male

Species: Sphechic (SFEE-kik)

Appearance: Dos is a blue ball. Yes, a blue ball. The only features that Dos has is a pair of black eyes, covered by glasses exactly like Doc's. Instead of rolling around, however, Dos levitates to get around.

Personality: Dos is a relatively carefree idividual. As he is mentally 10 years old, he loves to have FUN. However, his fun is never harmful; he is very caring.

Behind Dos' seemingly unbrideled joy is both wisdom beyond his years and an astonishing capacity to hand someone's gluteus maximus to them. His simplistic design masks a creative mind, which can be applied to life and in battle. He is not to be trifled with.

Information: Dos is an extension of Doc's inner playfulness. He was created when Doc was 10 (thus explaining Dos' age) as a confidant to the intraverted Doc.

Telekenesis:Dos' way of interacting with the Nexus. Self-explanatory.
Sightsharing:Dos and Doc instinctively know what the other is seeing and feeling. Passive.
Twin Switch:Once in a while, Doc and Dos can switch places, Doc being in the Nexus in Dos' body, Dos in Doc's body in reality. Very difficult and does not always work. May occasionally get stuck.
Sona Identification: Works with Doc: if Dos sees a Sona in the Nexus, Doc can, upon seing the Sona's real-life person, identify them as a pair.

Other: a;lkfjaoifjadk;flasjfa;ljfa;kfja;fajfaj;aklafkj
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