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Default Re: Nexen [SUDS]

Human Sheet:

Chrissie Arvada
Age: 17
Gender: Female
Status: Graphix
Appearance: Chrissie has brownish-blond hair with a few little streaks of platinum blond in it. Her skin is a tad on the pale side, but she isn't paper white. Her height is also moderate - she is tallish, about 5' 7", but not extraordinarily so. She's not extremely skinny, fat, attractive, or ugly, and the only 'striking' feature she has are her eyes, which are an intense blue-gray.

As for clothing, Chrissie doesn't really care. Among the Deviants there isn't exactly much to choose from, so she usually just wears something with a lot of pockets that's weather-appropriate. The only real 'cosmetic' thing she goes for is a little silver feather pendant, which she keeps tied around her neck with a string.
Skills: She's not at Scribz level, but she can write decently. c: Also, she has a mean roundhouse kick.

Sona Sheet:

Name: Cat'thlynn
Age: 41
Gender: Female
Species: Aotio (winged anthropomorphic jaguar, essentially)
Appearance: [Pictures allowed, text still required]
Information: [Background, how the Sona was made, their position in Nexen duing the conflict, yes WAE people still have them, etc.]

Reserve for now? c:
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